Some rank and file in both the Democratic and Republican Parties are is a rebellious mood, but when it comes to the President, McCain and Obama will probably get the nomination.

But what about the VP? Maybe this is the year for the elected delegates to have a real say.

Maybe McCain will chose a pro-choice Republican and Obama someone the country likes far more than the Democratic party does such as Chuck Hegal a antiwar libertarian Republican.

This could lead to a massive rebellion where Hillary becomes the VP candidate over Obama’s objections, and Huckebee and Ron Paul fight for the Republican VP spot. The five Ron Paul delegates have no intention of ever supporting McCain. But if instead they demand that Ron Paul becomes the Vice President they will get additional support if McCain chooses a pro-choicer.

If McCain because Pres, instead of sliding toward a big war with Russia, Iran and Venezuela, these countries might agree to back down for two years especially if Vice President Huckebee makes assurances that he will do differently, such as Iran postponing nuclear enrichment for two years, as McCain tries not to become too sick from old age to continue as President.

If the Democrats pick Hillary, then there might be a Democratic landslide, like Nixon over McGovern. Then a lot of screaming between Hillary and Obama at cabinet meetings, but with Obama letting Hillary run the domestic administration policy while he tries to run foreign policy, but with Hillary at times trying to sabotage certain Obama foreign policy agendas.

If McCain chooses Lieberman, there might be a massive open discussion all over the news on just what is (or is not) anti-Semitism which includes a fist-fight in the Israeli Knesset.

One important not noted change this year is (according to a Wall Street Journal poll) Nader this year is a spoiler for McCain, not Obama. Independents who are thinking of voting for McCain also want to vote for Nader. Anyway, Nadeites might have a vested interest in Obama doing as well as possible, to encourage progressives to make a symbolic protest vote without worrying about siphoning votes away from Obama, with Nader perhaps going back into the Green Party with McKinney the current Green Party candidate for President, becoming the Vice President Green candidate instead, and perhaps the Green Party taking over the third party status in office holders in the blue states areas of the country, like they have in Washington DC.

It’s a great year, but perhaps after a really great McCain depression, (now that Hispanics are voting for Obama and thus can’t be blame) there might actually be a Cuban styled revolution in this country, with desperately starving Americans in open rebellion against the ruling class.

However, some revolutions turn out worse than Cuba, like North Korea. So I prefer dreaming of a Obama landslide, Nixon style, with the Green party taking over the second party status from the Republicans. And besides while we are waiting for the glorious revolution following McCain, and total dollar collapse, all our pets will prefer not to be eaten by their starving masters who are also dreaming of cannibalism, like North Koreans accuse each other of doing.


PS My computer and DSL crashed. I’m currently on laptop and can no longer type in the long password I had Internet Explorer stops after 15 letters. And I can’t get in the email address I set up with Capitol Hill Blue, so I am setting up RichardKanePA-2 to continue RichardKanePA

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