Once again the Democratic Party is looking to snatch defeat from the jaws of what should be joyful over-whelming democratic victories in the upcoming national elections. Trying as hard as they can to present the image of a united party, their upcoming convention promises to be a circus. A gathering of fools

The Clintons are angling for 2012 and will do only what is minimally required to present the image of standing behind Obama. Obama, in all his now obvious weakness has himself opened the door to the return of the Clintons, and the DLC.

Underneath the struggle for power, control, and glory within the party lies the truth of its failure to win elections that should have been cakewalks. George Bush in 2000 should have been a cakewalk. George Bush in 2004 should have been even easier. Using the logic of the anti-Naderites, without Perot, there would be no Bill Clinton era to discuss. Democrats have managed to produce only two presidents in the last 40 years. How is it that they manage to pull of such amazingly embarrassing defeats in the face of victory .. and still have any constituency left?

Democrats, unlike republicans, believe in the virtues of centrism. They believe the power of leadership can be found in the wind. If the wind is blowing towards supporting an unjust and illegal war initiated by the worst president in American history, you can trust the centrist to be standing in line to support it. Bill Clinton, the anointed Leader Supreme of the centrist movement, never took a stand against the Iraq war and his wife supported it and has never apologized or regretted it.

Clinton’s DLC, which is the bastion of centrist thought, strongly supported the invasion of Iraq, and shortly after the war began, published an article on their website called, “Iraq’s Coming Democracy.” In 2004, the DLC attacked Howard Dean, Michael Moore, and liberals for their antiwar stance and dismissed them as the “the loony left.” Even when the failure of the war was known in 2004, the DLC continued to support it. DLC stalwart, Will Marshall, declared, “Democrats need to be choosier about the political company they keep, distancing themselves from the pacifist and anti-American fringe.” The antiwar movement was declared “anti-american” by democrats. Make that, centrist democrats.

In 2006, democratic voters rebelled and voted against the wishes of the DLC. The antiwar movement became a powerful force and led the democrats to surprising victories, and once again, control of the House and Senate, which is something even Bill Clinton couldn’t do.

Today, after almost 8 years of complete control of government by republicans, and the devastating problems they have created, democratic voters once again rebelled and voted against the established DLC centrist candidate, Hillary Clinton, and instead swept a relatively unknown candidate of change into the nomination who also happened to be black. He appeared to be everything un-DLC. He was powered into the nomination by the antiwar movement and the left.

Unfortunately, he’s turned out to be just another centrist. Never met an issue he can’t take both sides on, including war. And, once again, like lemmings on a cliff, democrats who believe in the power of centrism, are leading themselves and their party to another embarrassing defeat. The record of DLC and centrist control of the Democratic Party is dismal. They’ve not only caused the loss of important elections, they’ve caused the loss of party identity. Their machinations cause losses all down the line, and they will again.

In the face of what should have been the easiest election in history .. here come the centrists.

Iraq’s Coming Democracy

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