No, it is not a doddering, multi-mansion owning, senile, old man, whose sole claim to fame was due to being shot down in an ill-advised war. Nor is it the Rovian attack goon squad originally assembled to shoot down John McCain’s previous run for president. (which now uses the same dirty tactics against the democratic candidate)

The real problem facing the Democratic leadership? (I cringe at even typing those words) It can best be seen in a mirror.

It is abundantly clear that because of White House and VP actions, America trashed the Geneva Conventions, tortured, sometimes to death, people we illegally kidnapped, routinely used means and methods to mentally break countless people (who will never recover). They had numerous warnings about the 9/11 attacks, but staffed key offices with the likes of Condi Rice. Any responsible administration would have fired her immediately because of such horrendous personal and professional failures. This White House promoted and rewarded her.

This White House concocted documents in order to start an illegal war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. This White House hid intel, lied to congress, to the American people, and has bankrupted our economy, while enriching its closest corporate friends with the Iraq War. It illegally used propaganda, bribed reporters, planted false stories, even bribed a number of retired Generals to push their lies and spin.

Karl Rove, Josh Bolton, Harriet Miers, and others ignore Congressional subpoenas, and then ignore adverse court rulings which support Congress. In fact, if there was a legal, constitutional way to accomplish something, this administration seems to enjoy going out of its way to do it in an illegal fashion. And in response, what do we hear from Congress? Silence.

The many crimes and misdemeanors committed by this administration are understood by America. And all of them are being ignored by the Democratic leadership.

Therein lies the problem – their ridiculous, ineffably stupid, spineless decision not to hold this administration accountable on any issue. Nancy Pelosi ignores the very first power given to congress – the power to impeach. In fact, she does everything possible to protect this administration. Harry Reid insures that the legislation most important to the White House continues to get passed, despite the damage to the constitution and the country at large. Even an old tiger like John Conyers has been reduced to writing Strongly Worded Letters, as though they actually accomplish something.

The Democratic leadership missed something, a serious shift in how this country thinks and what it wants out of Washington. The leadership continues to tack right and center, avoiding even saying the word “impeachment.” Yet America has shifted left, wants out of Iraq, wants cuts in defense spending, and demands a homeland security system that is aimed at foreign threats, not inward at American citizens. America wants a functioning health care system for every American. America wants a well-regulated financial industry, not a hedge-fund merry-go-round that makes billionaires out of a few, while punishing millions. America wants honest government and an investigation of the criminals currently in office.

Unfortunately, our Democratic leadership is incapable or unwilling to take these steps. If it is the latter, it must be because they themselves are complicit in the many crimes of this administration.

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