The REAL problem the Democrats face this year

No, it is not a doddering, multi-mansion owning, senile, old man, whose sole claim to fame was due to being shot down in an ill-advised war. Nor is it the Rovian attack goon squad originally assembled to shoot down John McCain’s previous run for president. (which now uses the same dirty tactics against the democratic candidate)

The real problem facing the Democratic leadership? (I cringe at even typing those words) It can best be seen in a mirror.

It is abundantly clear that because of White House and VP actions, America trashed the Geneva Conventions, tortured, sometimes to death, people we illegally kidnapped, routinely used means and methods to mentally break countless people (who will never recover). They had numerous warnings about the 9/11 attacks, but staffed key offices with the likes of Condi Rice. Any responsible administration would have fired her immediately because of such horrendous personal and professional failures. This White House promoted and rewarded her.

This White House concocted documents in order to start an illegal war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. This White House hid intel, lied to congress, to the American people, and has bankrupted our economy, while enriching its closest corporate friends with the Iraq War. It illegally used propaganda, bribed reporters, planted false stories, even bribed a number of retired Generals to push their lies and spin.

Karl Rove, Josh Bolton, Harriet Miers, and others ignore Congressional subpoenas, and then ignore adverse court rulings which support Congress. In fact, if there was a legal, constitutional way to accomplish something, this administration seems to enjoy going out of its way to do it in an illegal fashion. And in response, what do we hear from Congress? Silence.

The many crimes and misdemeanors committed by this administration are understood by America. And all of them are being ignored by the Democratic leadership.

Therein lies the problem – their ridiculous, ineffably stupid, spineless decision not to hold this administration accountable on any issue. Nancy Pelosi ignores the very first power given to congress – the power to impeach. In fact, she does everything possible to protect this administration. Harry Reid insures that the legislation most important to the White House continues to get passed, despite the damage to the constitution and the country at large. Even an old tiger like John Conyers has been reduced to writing Strongly Worded Letters, as though they actually accomplish something.

The Democratic leadership missed something, a serious shift in how this country thinks and what it wants out of Washington. The leadership continues to tack right and center, avoiding even saying the word “impeachment.” Yet America has shifted left, wants out of Iraq, wants cuts in defense spending, and demands a homeland security system that is aimed at foreign threats, not inward at American citizens. America wants a functioning health care system for every American. America wants a well-regulated financial industry, not a hedge-fund merry-go-round that makes billionaires out of a few, while punishing millions. America wants honest government and an investigation of the criminals currently in office.

Unfortunately, our Democratic leadership is incapable or unwilling to take these steps. If it is the latter, it must be because they themselves are complicit in the many crimes of this administration.


  1. Direct Democracy

    “(The Bush administration) had numerous warnings about the 9/11 attacks, but staffed key offices with the likes of Condi Rice. Any responsible administration would have fired her immediately because of such horrendous personal and professional failures. This White House promoted and rewarded her.” (supra)

    “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.”

    Project for a New American Century report



  2. almandine

    Well, Rob… I agree with you except for that America has shifted left comment, which I don’t think is right. Your more correct statement that sums it up is: America wants honest government and an investigation of the criminals currently in office. I think it’s one of those “it’s been far right so long that now it looks like left to me!” things.

    The bottom line of course is that the Dems have not capitalized (funny word given the socio-economic connotations) on either the foibles of the repubs or the mandate that they were given to clean things up.

    So yeah… I don’t think they have much advantage going into November.

  3. Helen Rainier


    Great article that gets right to the meat of the issue. Almandine your points are well taken also.

    I think Pelosi made a strategical mistake by taking impeachment “off the table.” That one action, in and of itself, sent a message to the Republicans and their Democratic enablers, and to Bush that the status quo would continue on unimpeded.

    She should have left that option open and wielded the threat of impeachment as a club to beat them into submission. She would have been much more effective if she had called “Bullshit” on them instead of trying to be conciliatory. Didn’t she say when she took office that there was a “new sheriff in town?” She spoke bravado but didn’t back it up. That was all it took.

    Just my opinion.

  4. almandine

    Somewhere in the recent past the topic of blackmail received a small airing. Not that I have anything more than mere musing… a Rovian moment, if you will… but it seems that the Speaker and all of the Dems in control of relevant committees have gone to ground. Pity the resultant raping of our political process that has transpired since. Pity more the brunt of the economic and societal pillage we are about to endure.

  5. Rob Kezelis

    the illegal domestic spying started by Bush preceded 9/11 by many months. If you were to be brazen, power-hungry, and cared not about the constitution, who would you spy on first?

    and that is a great explanation for our current situation.

  6. JerZGirl

    I’ve said this since the day Ms. Pelosi pulled the option off the table. Someone got to her – got to all of them! Look at the tactics they used to rid themselves of a “nuisance” like Dan Rather who relied on the veracity of documents still not yet proven to be fakes – his crime? Being “partisan”. This by an Administration whose primary goal was the permanent partisan takeover of the Federal government (as seen with the Justice Dept.) I’d have more respect for her and others like her if they put their “careers” at risk, developed some balls and stood up to this administration instead of whining and whimpering like the sorry sacks of excrement they are. Yeah – I have no respect for them. They make me ill even thinking about their willingness to simply bend over and take it, giving the finger to the voters who elected them at the same time.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  7. Helen Rainier


    I’ve heard this idea expressed before and it does make a lot of sense. Is there any conclusive evidence that lends merit to this theory?

    It does seem to be about the only explanation that makes any sense at all.

    Now that this is brought up, I also recall hearing that Pelosi had been briefed on the “illegal” wiretapping and tacitly approved of it.

    If the Bushies spied on the Dems and used that to extort them into supporting them is that something that can be prosecutable after (if) the Bushies are out of office?

    Nothing will get done until all of the Bush toadies are run out of office. Mukasey sure as hell won’t do anything. He’s already confirmed that.

    Good god what a fine kettle of fish, Ollie.

  8. almandine

    Too bad those compromised by the surreptitious discovery of their own hidden foibles don’t resign for the good of our country.

    I guess that, too, explains what we’re up against.

  9. jverner

    Bingo. This is what my wife tells the DCCC when it calls asking for money. The Democrats we elected in 2006 betrayed us; no more money for them. (I just hang up on them).

    I’m also mad about Edwards, whom I supported and to whose campaign I donated money. I don’t care whether he fools around on his wife – that’s a personal deal between them. But fooling around on your wife while running for President shows a severe lack of judgment because a lot of voters do care about it. I was also discomfited at how easily and well he lied.

  10. Belle

    As long as the democrats do NOT call Mcwar on his sins and lies, and the Clinton man cannot keep his pants zipped up, then we democrats get what we deserve for our silence.I keep hoping that the chosen VP will be a guy who dares to tell the truth and call a spade a spade. since Obama thinks that is not the way to fight for his own candidacy. He is educated far above the average American and the majority do not understand his desire to explain his thoughts in long sentances. Sen Obama, they cannot follow all the things you say, using words that most have never heard nor do they understand, The majority do not want to think for themselves, they want to be led. If is beginning to be obvious that they do not want intelligence in the Wh.. just more of the garbage we have been listening to for the past 8 years… well in that case Mcwar is their boy! Pelosi is the worst person that could hold that job. She is kowtowing to someone and it shows. Her attitude shortly after she was installed took an about turn and at that point she should have gotten out of politics. I do hope she loses her seat to anyone else this fall. She is a failure and disgrace to our party. There is no respect anywhere for people who after election can see no further that the end of their own noses. Maybe every change in our laws should be voted on BY THE PEOPLE and let the Congress go to hell…they are half way there anyhow.

  11. colocritic

    Belle, I agree with your post and it’s true, sometimes Obama does speak over the heads of some. I’ve decided there is something Pelosi is hiding that is keeping her from carrying out the job most Americans want her to do.

    I’m sending a clip from alonger article of what Conyers is doing now from the page. It’s an interesting read. I’m about 2/3 of the way through Suskind’s book and haven’t come across the “letter” segment yet but this SHOULD be another thing to GET this administration on.

    However, will Conyer’s tepid attempt bring about anything this time? Does he really think these jokers will answer his letters! Why would they change their stripes now? Is there any way to still bring them to justice after the new administration and congress take office? I wish Obama, if elected, would go after them with everything the constitution allows!

    Conyers Questions Iraq ‘Forgery’
    “I am writing to follow up on recent serious allegations regarding the creation of a false letter from Tahir Jalil Habbush, Saddam Hussein’s former Chief of Intelligence, to Saddam Hussein,” Conyers said.

    Conyers, who has held periodic hearings on abuses of power by George W. Bush’s administration, sent letters to former CIA Director George Tenet; the CIA’s former executive director A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard; Cheney’s former chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby; and John Hannah, another Cheney assistant – as well as to Richer and Maguire.

    “The letter, which was allegedly backdated to July 1, 2001, attempted to establish an operational link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein in the period before the 9/11 attacks by specifically stating that 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had received training in Iraq.

  12. Hoosier_CowBoy

    A copy of this needs to be sent to every Democrat running for high office. They should be forced to read it aloud, in public, recorded for posterity.

    Hooray for you Mr. Kezelis!

  13. Uncle Ludwig

    This, like everything else, will be micro-analyzed in the blogosphere and then forgotten. We, the People, will fall into yet another “bread and circuses” attitude about our country, including a desire to abolish government structures as we know them.

    Yes, this Congress has become more obviously “bought and paid for” than any I can think of, and that takes in everyone on all sides of the aisle, but for some of us to even jokingly suggest that we can do without Congress is as disturbing as those sent to those offices who act as if the Constitution is merely for the “little people” outside the Beltway to get exercised over.

    Face it, gang, our country is in the wrong hands – again. It all comes back to the same old story: we’ve got to put our own boots on the ground, find candidates who will not succumb to the lure of easy lobbyist money, who will stand up for the Constitution that sets this country apart, and who will be supported as they try to right the Ship of State…

    …Because like it or not, the moment any of our elected representatives appear to violate ANY of our expectations, the blogosphere stands ready to crucify them. (I equate “blogosphere” with “tunnel intelligence,” btw.) We’ve ALL got to learn more about the formation of laws in this land, about the political process that requires (note: REQUIRES!) compromise.

    On the other hand, as Pelosi and Co. have demonstrated, using compromise WITH CLOUT works better than getting to an immediate deal without it. Here’s another reason why we should avoid sending lawyers to Congress. They seem to all be trained more to settle deals, than to stand up for principles.

    Ah, well. Here, too, I rant. Bottom line: let’s not point fingers at the system when it’s really the individuals within the system who are creating the failures. Point the fingers at the individuals who fail – and then GET RID OF THEM as fast as possible! I would say that includes Pelosi and Reid!

  14. DejaVuAllOver

    Benjamin Disraeli said, ” There is no man more guilty than a good man who does nothing.” I imagine he intended that comment to include women, as well. I hope Pelosi and Reid do some time in Guantanamo, if not Hell, for their crimes which are nearly as egregious as Bushco’s.
    Personally, I don’t think America has become more liberal. The Divine Coalition of fundamentalist Christians and Zionist Jews have managed to pervert our system beyond repair, and people like Pelosi who could have put the brakes on our sick policies have refused to do so, probably out of fear.