Yesterday, a MSM talking head cited McCain as having “A taste for combat” Scary stuff. I know they were talking about the election but since he consistently makes such a big deal about his war record, then it is relevant. The man is a self proclaimed warrior. His actions in this campaign as well as other past campaigns clearly show he will do whatever it takes to anialate his opponent ….even drawing first blood.

Now if the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, then this is something to be seriously considered.

Who is next? Iran? Pakistan? Russia? The American public who dont agree with him?

Can we really risk a warrior, a loose cannon, so to speak in the White House?

As I was composing these thoughts, I ran across this article which is VERY revealing.

McCain Pushed For War In Iraq Before Bush Did

When asked by a reporter whether it was inconsistent for Obama surrogates to accuse McCain of misleading the public while also saying that discussion of patriotism should be out of bounds, Clarke had a retort ready. “I’m sure he [McCain] loves his country. It’s just that loving your country and lying to the American people are apparently not inconsistent in his view.”

I also stumbled across this article written by a fellow Vietnam Vet who was in the same POW camp with McCain in Vietnam.

Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain

I especially liked this part.

I furthermore believe that having been a POW is no special qualification for being President of the United States. The two jobs are not the same, and POW experience is not, in my opinion, something I would look for in a presidential candidate.

But this man, who calls himself a “long-time acquaintance of John McCain” who he “respects and admires” has more to say.

I can verify that John has an infamous reputation for being a hot head. He has a quick and explosive temper that many have experienced first hand. Folks, quite honestly that is not the finger I want next to that red button.

It is also disappointing to see him take on and support Bush’s war in Iraq, even stating we might be there for another 100 years. For me John represents the entrenched and bankrupt policies of Washington-as-usual. The past 7 years have proven to be disastrous for our country. And I believe John’s views on war, foreign policy, economics, environment, health care, education, national infrastructure and other important areas are much the same as those of the Bush administration.

I’m disappointed to see John represent himself politically in ways that are not accurate. He is not a moderate Republican.

Now I would also like to point out that the author of this piece is a graduate of the Naval Academy and went on to earn a PHD after his return from Vietnam.

But my absolutely favorite part…..the part that PROVES beyond any reasonable doubt what a fake and a hypocirte McCain REALLY is comes next:

John is not a religious person, but he has taken every opportunity to ally himself with some really obnoxious and crazy fundamentalist ministers lately. I was also disappointed to see him cozy up to Bush because I know he hates that man. He disingenuously and famously put his arm around the guy, even after Bush had intensely disrespected him with lies and slander. So on these and many other instances, I don’t see that John is the “straight talk express”

That’s not the image McCain was giving us Saturday night at Saddleback Church now is it?

You will have to read the rest of the article. There is a lot more good stuff, if you are interested.

But my point is plain and clear:

Haven’t we wasted enough lives and money with these ineffective and incompetent actions that Bush/McCain have engaged in over seas?

Haven’t we shed enough blood in this country in the past 8 years, do we really have a taste to sacrifice more?

And can we afford to have a combatant in the White house when currently they are spending $4566 PER SECOND of money that we don’t have?

And lastly, I have to share a moment from last night’s Keith Olbermann. Here’s is some reporting that you won’t find on any other site. Watch John McCain’s answer (or lack of an answer) to a lady who asks about bringing back the Military Draft.

McCain’s not-so-trump wild card

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