Abandon hope all ye who enter the voting booth

That stench that makes you want to puke is coming out of a political sewer called Washington – a place littered with the rotting corpses of American idealism and drowning in the blood from a wounded and dying republic.

101106death.jpgCorruption, scandal, immorality and lapses in ethical judgment have become so pervasive in today’s government that Americans find themselves numb. Our government is awash in deceit, driven by a lust for power and controlled by those for whom truth and morality are foreign concepts.

In 1994, Republicans marched into control of Congress astride promises to reform the system, eliminate pork barrel politics and restore honesty and accountability to government. Instead, they have proven even more corrupt, dishonest and immoral than the Democrats they replaced in the seats of power.

Six years later, George W. Bush would promise “the most ethical administration in history.” Instead he delivered the most corrupt, a despotic power-mad White House bent on domination and driven by lies.

This goes beyond normal political corruption. We are talking about perversion of the system by a cancer that goes to the very core of our way of life. In politics and government, lying is the norm, not the exception. We expect our leaders to deceive us and rationalize it by claiming the other side lies more often or tells bigger ones.

We accept intrusions on our freedoms by buying into the fantasy that such intrusions become necessary to remain safe when, in fact, we are less safe in a government that intrudes or spies or interferes.

Dishonesty becomes relative and measured not by whether it is right or wrong but by the outcome. It is OK to lie about sex but not about war. It is OK to accept the blind faith argument that our government knows what’s best for us when, in fact, our government turns out to be a bigger enemy to freedom than any Islam-spouting terrorist.

Sadly, those we elect to represent us immediately forget that this is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They start to believe that it is, instead, government of the powerful, by the influential and for the special interests.

Our forefathers never intended for government service to become a career yet nearly every facet of our lives are controlled by lifetime politicians who live in a world far removed from ordinary Americans. Our fates lie in the hands of those who see elected office as a way to accumulate both wealth and power.

Polls show voter anger at an all-time high, driven by too many lies about Iraq and too many scandals involving sex and money. The odds are strong that Republicans will be sent packing and Democrats returned to power.

There is no doubt that the Republicans deserve to be sent home. Some should go to jail for their crimes against decency and the Constitution. As a voter in Virginia, I will vote against GOP incumbent Senator George Allen because I don’t want a racist who also takes bribes representing the Commonwealth in Congress,

Jim Webb will probably make a better Senator than Allen. That won’t be hard given the low threshold that Allen has set but at the same time I’m not sure he will be a good Senator. Webb’s campaign has relied on innuendo and distortions and that raises questions to me about his honesty.

And I fear that Democrats, if they gain control of the House and/or the Senate will fall back into their old habits of catering to their brand of special interests and putting the perks of power above the needs of the country.

The system is corrupt and rotten to the core and it has taken a long time to get there. The moral decay comes from both political parties as well as an apathetic and self-centered populace that sat out too many elections and allowed the infection to spread.

An answer to America’s ills may no longer be available at the ballot box or through the current system that controls our government, our lives and our destiny.

It may be too late to trust the system. It has let us down too many times.


  1. Doug: couldn’t agree with you more. The corruption,
    favoritism and nepotism are at all time highs. The country needs a change in leadershipt. But. My prediction is that Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, or their underlings are planning a terrorist attack on a federal facility to get the voters on their side.
    They’ll have delta force target a quiet post office
    after hours, blow it up,
    and blame it on Islamic terrorists.

    Then they’ll have all the airtime they need, just before the elections.

    Call me cynical, but I would not put it past them

  2. anthny

    Ya to jason, the power mad repubs will attack us once again and the sheep will fall into place.
    We will call you cynical, but you and I and the rest of the world can’t be wrong.
    These New-Cons are reading Hitlers play book. First you have a fire in the Reichstag, you arrest a terrorist, bring him to court and scream bloody murder and terroist attacks that are coming to kill our system of things, all the good in the country that we worked so hard for and they will rape and kill all virgins in Germany, I mean the United States.
    So as terrorism has risen from the grave in these last 20 odd years, had done it for Hitler and will do it for Bush, If we let him trash the CONSTITUTION.
    The question is not what the New-Cons are going to do next, but what will the sheep of the US do next. Will they come to there senses or follow blindly into the abyss of no return.
    The feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I think of the all the men who lost there lives in WWll for our freedom…have died in vain, because I think we now have a fascist system in our country the kind of tyrany we fought againist

  3. Sandy Price

    Good one Doug!

    The problem seems to be that our voters do not understand their responsibility. If they don’t understand how the government is supposed to work, how can they vote for anyone.

    The schools in America have not taught Civics in their classrooms and instead are teaching the kids how to vote. The Constitution is a remarkable document and must be learned and respected to make our system work.

    Jason, I hope you are wrong but your statement reflects the thoughts of many of us.

    The “worse than Pearl Harbor” scenario worked and could again.

  4. Dale Anderson

    A common thought one hears if he listens to people out across the country goes along the line of “if you don’t get caught, ethics really doesn’t matter.” Perhaps the rot that Doug speaks so well about goes a lot deeper than simply our leadership. We cannot expect ethical leaders if we as a collective group have no real clue what the word means.

  5. Michael Emerson

    Yes, I believe that the sick republicans will attack us just before the November elections just like they did on 9/11 and blame it on someone else. And when the repulicans say they love GOD. They are not talking about JESUS. There talking about the green GOD. MONEY

  6. lezlie

    No need to blow up the post office as long as enough operatives in enough states control the voting.

    Job one is getting the voting secure.

    Job two is VOTE! Hold any Congress member taking office in January to high standards, regardless of party. If they don’t meet our standards for legislation in the public interest (all the public, not the ones who backed them!), then out they go next election!

    If we don’t pay attention, we get the public officials we deserve!

  7. ernie shrenzel


    You state: “…the odds are strong that the Republicans will be sent packing…”.

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    You forget, Doug, that in the twenty or thirty key races, Republicans have a very strong running mate: a chap named Diebold. He helped steal three prior elections, and he is poised to strike again!!


    Ernie Shrenzel

  8. From article:
    “As a voter in Virginia, I … I don’t want a racist … in Congress,”

    Racist is a nonsense word and a propaganda word. I think what you are saying is that you don’t want someone who is racially conscious and who openly promotes the ethnic interests of his people in congress.

    Since all Jews and nonwhites in America are encouraged to be racially conscious and to openly promote the ethnic interests of their people, (while white Gentiles are punished for showing just a hint of racial aggression), you are left with racially emasculated white Gentiles to vote for.

  9. dave

    Republicans may control the outcome of votes cast at the machines, so I have requested an absentee ballot this year to be sure there is an audit trail of MY vote. I may even send it back by certified mail, return receipt, in order to ensure that it is delivered and counted.

    Might I suggest you all do the same?

  10. Racism and sexism are the easiest cons because there are easily visible differences. They are always a free ride and a cheap thrill for the half-baked who are easily suckered by others who prey upon their weaknesses.

    We shall have to start really educating the people by telling the truth about the system and how it works.

    I do it every day standing by the roadside with signs. They say things like, “Misery Makes GOP Crooks Rich”, or “GOP Crooks Terrorize to Steal”. It is better to go to a death camp guilty of something than by mistake.

  11. Ann

    Doug you are so right,but as a person that worked elections and then was a Judge at the elections for years I have to say no one can tell who will win.
    I come from a small town but as the years have gone by I have watched our votes go away. There is the problem we have no paper trail. I have worked a recount before I was Judge and it was a hard thing, but we had a paper that real people marked and their vote was counted. If you have no paper trail you can’t know what really happened. You can’t really know who did what. This has worked wonderful for the Republicans and could later for the Democrats but not now the Republicans are running the show. Give me the old paper trail and let the Judges of the Election stand for accountablity if there is a recount. That is the only way to know, and we have lost that.
    I to look for something big to scare everyone and to be lead like sheep but I doubt they have to. The voting system is screwed up.
    I can no longer work the Elections because of a stroke, but I can see the writing on the wall and it isn’t pretty.

  12. Lynda

    If you control the electronic voting machines, the voting rules, the vote counting and the courts, then you control the election outcome.

    Gee, the Republicans currently hold all those cards, don’t they?

    I’ve been hearing folks say after the next Diebold’ed election sends the corrupt, thieving, lying, kiddie-chasing, Bush-coddling Republican Congress and Senate back to Washington for more of the same, they are ready for a little “in the streets” feedback.

    Maybe it’s time for an old fashioned civil rights rally for people of all colors, religions and political persuasions?

  13. Bill Irate and Bitter in Maine

    Doug, I am so glad that I found your voice. Clarity like yours needs to be heard all over the world.

    We need to vote in a Democratic Congress who will not cave in to the President. Who will impeach him for the monster he is. I have never seen another group of men take so much power as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertov, etc. since the Nazi’s. There has never been another human being in history who needs to be placed in check and punished as much as Bush does. He is by far the worst serial killer in history! We all need, in every state, to watch the newly elected officials, get their email addresses and bombard them if they cross the line. We all need to write to the newspapers and declare when we know they are corrupt or have forgotten the people and demand accountability. Everything we hear or see must be made public. We can no longer tolerate leadership that will not give us honesty. We need to voice our needs. There have been very few demonstrations against this administration because they control the police forces and have the people arrested. That’s the kind of fear King George has fostered, not the fear of us being bombed. We are losing our freedoms, our right to speak out, our pride as Americans. We need to be able to publicly demonstrate and voice our differences, as is our right. Please keep up the good work and keep exposing these monsters.

    We also need to know about the bombing of the ammunitions dump in Iraq. That information is being kept quiet – but I haven’t watched anything on the networks today. That is first time I have seen any communications come out of the White House and the military regarding Iraq that did not scream “insurgents”. What will happen to our men and women without adequate supply? Will they have to revert to throwing stones to protect themselves? They are so far from home.

  14. Soap Box

    They don’t need Diebold (though it certainly doesn’t hurt…) nor do they need to stage a terrorist attack, when they have the good ol’ abortion issue to heat up their “base” around the country by trying to “outlaw” abortion in the state of South Dakota. Next election it’ll be the gays again…Look, Karl Rove stated publically that it is “dangerous” for people to become educated because it makes them “more Democratic”. We have a profoundly uneducated population in this country. My husband calls them “the uneducated masses”. They’re not going to college, they’re going to church and straight to the polling boxes. I have worked for campaigns and am staunch about my responsibility to vote in every election, BUT, even I am starting to feel that it’s pointless. They’re CHEATING. But, ahhh, yes, it’s OK to cheat when they believe they’re doing it for our own good. Let us decide that, thank you. I may be wrong, but I think that’s what our Founding Father’s had in mind. The least the Rebublican’s can do is come right out and say “Look, this is no longer a Democracy, that doesn’t serve our needs at all, so we’ve changed things around. What are you going to do about it? Oh, that’s right…nothing, because you can’t. We have all the money and power and you have no way of fighting us”. I won’t go down without a fight, but with healthcare having risen 87% since 2000, gas is up 60% since 2001, public college costs rose 44% over the past 4 years…I don’t know about you, but we are drowning under our cost of living (here in California) and I don’t even have any money left over to donate to a candidate I believe in! They’ve bled the competition dry.

  15. sandman

    WE NEED SECURITY!!! The dictators like cameras so put cameras in all public offices and elected officials homes and cars ( they work for us don’t they). Make lobbing a major crime with mandatory a life sentence. Lobbists = traitors. Crooked/lying politicians = traitors Lying to maninpulate public opinion = DEATH SENTENCE

    It is time that we got serious about preserving our democracy.

  16. John Strause

    I fear that what our government has devolved into, thanks to the lack of intense examination by the public what is happening “in our name” and then action there upon, will require what the 2nd Virginia President said…
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    How did we get to this point – simple…

    “Americans are not critical thinkers by and large. We suffer from a
    collective sociogenic learning disability based on the complete
    commodification of our consciousness by consumerism and electronic media. So we are not only bitterly unhappy and alienated, we are intensely stupid and attached to denial.”
    SSgt Stan Goff

    Keep up the rants Doug, but watch your 6.

  17. G.S.

    Doug, I agree 100% with you about it possibly being too late.

    Our politicians have over-stepped the boundaries of decency and the Constitution to the degree that not only we American’s have and will suffer dire consequences, but the entire world.

    I’m afraid that our future will be dismal and unforgiving.

  18. Fred Goepfert

    Doug, you wrote:

    “An answer to America’s ills may no longer be available at the ballot box or through the current system that controls our government, our lives and our destiny.

    It may be too late to trust the system. It has let us down too many times.”

    I don’t disagree with you on this, but what do you propose as a solution?

    Are you thinking of running for the post of Benevolet Libertarian Dictator (an oxymoron)?

    If so, does this mean that all speeches by the BLD will be Rants? :>)

  19. CAR

    A major concern should be the movement of the 6th fleet; and it’s arrival off the coast of Iran by Oct 24th. Do we have another Gulf of Tonkin in the works or some other act that will cause the blind and dumb of this Country to rally around the occupants of the White House.

  20. Lon Singleton

    John Strause’s comments and quotes are so clear that it’s time for self-examination.

    The Federalist Papers are full of warnings by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton about the citizens, or voter’s if you will, political responsibilities – meaning what role we play in safe guarding the Republic form of government becoming self-serving and corrupt.

    The American voters can no longer deny their shortcoming and failure to maintain and protect their “Freedoms” because they have been lured into listening to politicans make pleas to giving them to power to control our “Security”.

    The following quote screams out what is important for all American’s to consider and act on to protect and preserve:

    “You and I are told we must choose between a left and right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream-the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path.” 1992 Ronald Reagan – “A Time To Chose ”

    Even Ronald Reagan recognized the dangers of confusing the difference between “Freedom and Secuirty”.

  21. David Rosenberg

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. A stand was not made after the 2000 election. GB was not, had not the qualifications to be president. When he was declared the winner, the country should have risen up and rejected the claim, sadly we did not. It was accepted. In 2004 the Democrats let the country down by giving us Kerry, the best they had to offer. The campagin was bungled and he was made to look even worse, then he was.
    We punished ourselves by keeping GW in power, we had given him the majority of the House and Senate, again we deserved what came.
    We have now the chance to fix our mistakes. We must take full advantage to change the course of America. We must demand the Democrats to do what is the right way to go, our future depends on it.

  22. Janice

    Doug, great rant, great thoughts that are right on. We need to get the Republicans out of power, next we need to get the Democrats out of power, and finally we need to put balanced Americans into our leadership positions.

    …but, I’ll wager that we will hear from bin Laden right before the elections, again.

  23. Joe Lawrence

    In Washington, PA, recent issues of the local paper, the Observer-Reporter, have carried an educational page about the U.S. Constitution, and “How a Bill Bwecomes a Law.”

    Oddly enough, the week-long and very lengthy explanation fails to even mention “signing statements” as ANY part of the process.

  24. Steve

    You must know something that I don’t. During the debates Webb seemed to intentionally stay far away from Allen’s messes. Also Webb’s ads look pretty clean to me as well(unlike Allen’s). However,I admit I’m biased — my experience is that Marine officers just ooze honesty and integrity. It is tough to get men to risk their lives in battle if they feel you are lying to them.

  25. Steve

    You must know something that I don’t. During the debates Webb seemed to intentionally stay far away from Allen’s messes. Also Webb’s ads look pretty clean to me as well(unlike Allen’s). However,I admit I’m biased — my experience is that Marine officers just ooze honesty and integrity. It is tough to get men to risk their lives in battle if they feel you are lying to them.

  26. Gerald Sutliff

    Dear Doug,

    Well said. I believe that if the system were changed slightly the benefits could be far reaching. I’m thinking of some form of porportional representation.
    Naturally I have such a plan but there’s not enough room here, nor is it the place, to present it.
    Stay mad!

  27. Miracle Mike

    In the name of Jesus Christ who’s name has been drug through the dirt by our current Government.
    Please spread the truth about our 2 party, one dictatorship. We have been overthrown, period. Our news is lies; Our Government sold! And now I wait for another Government sponsored Terrorist Attack on the West Coast, where dissent is greatest.
    We cannot believe the media anymore, we must prepare for our government to stage an invasion, sold to the highest bidder.
    If you think we are not for sale, I am sorry for you and yours.

    I would not doubt a behind the scenes deal with a country that we are being trained to hate, perhaps N. Korea.

    Please spread the truth, and dip in love, because as evil as this Matrix is, there are still plenty of people that will die for it, thinking they are doing the right thing.

    God Bless and Take Care,

  28. Crushed

    Please do a story about the GAO report of November of last year. The report proves the 2004 election was stolen, as the 2006 election will be stolen.
    Please hurry and get this story out. We most NOT vote using electronic machines. They can’t steal the votes electronically if there are no votes to steal.

  29. Peter Chewning

    As usual, you are right on the money. (If you will forgive the phrase.) I agree that the Republicans should be sent packing. Some for home, MOST for jail. I too am not sure that the Democrats will do ANY better, but I am willing to give them a chance, as I absolutely believe that we CANNOT endure another two years of this situation.

  30. rbank

    I just finished reading Bush on the couch. I think the first thing we need to get out to people is to stop believing the delusions of a mad leader. The scary thing is that we are backing him and his enablers into a corner. I can’t believe how the republicans stand behind their leaders no matter what the truth is, they find a way to spin it.

  31. Yes we need to oust the scoundrels, and they have stooped to a new low by blaming the N. Korea incident on Clinton and his administration 12 years ago. The problem has been in the past 6 years! I regret to say that this election will be stolen also because only a Congress controlled by Democrats can and will impeach the current administration and those currently in control don’t want and won’t let that happen. We need a voting system that allows for recounts, checks and balances which a totally electronic system does not. The responsibility to vote is ours, but it takes some intellect to make a decision. This administration has worked on making the uneducated the totally illiterate by spreading the “no child left behind” policy. With the majority not possessing the understanding of Civics nor the ability to read or think it may take a revolution – but the country has no real leaders to take that step either. The Democrats should have backed Wesley Clark not Kerry in 2004. As a Vietnam vet I felt Clark was a much better choice and we lost an opportunity. It appears the Democrats aren’t thinking clearly either. Can someone tell me who is manufacturing and distributing the “Idiot Pills” in this country?

  32. Wow, bull’s eye! Your eloquent and deadly accurate description of our political condition is strongest argument that I’ve heard for a third party, but first that party has to be allowed to participate in the presidential debates.

  33. Fritz Doggy

    Doug, I couldn’t agree more. I am scared to death! This is what comes of having a populace addicted to “easy watching TV”..People have forgotten how to think!

  34. Folks, if there’s one thing I know, is that political corruption goes back to the Roman times; politics=evil. As for American political history, I’d have to say William ‘Boss’ Tweed indeed set a disturbing precedent for the future of American politics with his influence and ability to strong-arm others to get his way; it’s no different now except that this bunch has technology. Technology to look into, and manipulate, every aspect of private citizens’ lives. Imagine what the Nazi’s could have done with the ‘beast’ that is named technology. Now I am reading that secret ‘camps’ are being built in undisclosed locations to incarcerate ‘enemy combatants’. Isn’t this what happened to the Japanese and Japanese-Americans in the 1940’s? They were seen as the enemies of America after Pearl Harbor was attacked. I fear for America’s future folks.

  35. South Point Man

    Aw, stop fretting everyone. The fascist slave state dictatorship that the GOPs and their submissive buttmonkey Democrats are trying to set up will be a short-lived one. As none of these dingaling nincompoops are paying even the slightest attention to what those ever clever and industrious swiss are doing. Not only do the swiss give us nifty watches, but also a nifty black hole making machine.

    Literally right this very moment, they are putting the finishing touches on it and plan to crank it up to its full capacity in a few short months. Is this stupid? It’s so beyond stupid that it’s stupidity multiplied upon itself an infinity of times.

    The swiss say, “Oh, there’s no danger. No danger at all. Don’t worry, be happy, blah blah blah blah…” They are, of course, completely lying out their asses. Some kind of murder-suicide thing? I don’t know. I don’t understand the irrationality of insanity.


    Yes, the GOP traitors and the their submissive traitor Democrat buttmonkeys think they got themselves quite a deal going, but they actually don’t. They are soon going to lose everything possible to lose.

    And no, black holes are NOT the most dangerous and destructive things in the universe. They are the second most dangerous and destructive. A very, very, VERY distant second place. Black holes are dangerous only in a specific limited locality. Whereas the number one danger can not only destroy a planet, but also an entire galaxy. Even an entire universe. Even all the universes. Every single one of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of universes. All of them completely destroyed. Every single one. Such is the destructive capacity of the number one danger.

    And what is the most dangerous and destructive of all things? So dangerous and destructive, that even the most massive black hole doesn’t even count as a sweet, friendly little puppy dog in comparison?

    Why, personal opinions, of course. When personal opinions replace actual facts, everything and everyone dies everywhere. From cause manifests effect and there isn’t any way around this. At all.

    Like personal opinions replacing facts that there was something extremely suspicious about the falling of the WTC buildings. If it’s someone’s personal opinion that there was nothing suspicious even though facts definitely say otherwise, then that someone won’t even bother to call for a criminal homicide investigation to happen like what was supposed to happen in the first place as there is absolutely no question that the WTC buildings involved criminial homicide in one way or the other. And how extremely disappointed Perry White would be in that someone. A reporter using personal opinions to replace facts? That’s just not the Daily Planet way. Not while Perry White is chief editor…

    Jeepers, the things we could learn if an actual criminal homicide investigation were to happen… And who would end up in Leavenworth…

  36. South Point Man

    P.s. Very amusing graphic. Oh, that Death, always the facetious smartass… Always with the morbid sense of humor.

    He doesn’t actually need a scythe, but it just looks so theatrical and dramatic and kewl-l-l-l… And there ain’t no biz like show biz… The show MUST go on…

    And the presence of a scythe just puts an immediate stop to endless and idiotic arguements and protestations of sweet innocence from the guilty as hell. One look at the scythe and you just KNOW that Death means business and it ain’t monkey business.