Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

What a terrible loss for the State of Ohio, Democrats and Independents everywhere, and our Nation.

Someone as worthy of our admiration as Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, rising to be a Congresswoman and consistently voting for what she believed in, is worth mourning. She was a rare one.

Disagreeing with her original choice for president in the primaries, I still admired how she threw herself into action for her second choice, as though he’d been her first all along. No whining, no crying, no regrets. Very cool.

I don’t know why I feel so sad at her passing; she worked hard for a good life and earned one, though she could not have thought it would be cut off so soon. I suppose I feel this bad because I trusted her to do what she thought was right. Her voting record proves that to be so.

So long Congresswoman. You were one of the best.


  1. woody188

    Just saw it on our local NBC affiliate here in Cbus. Another outspoken critic of the Bush Administration gone for good. Wondering if there will be a toxin screen in the autopsy. Question everything.