John McCain and Senile Dementia

I’m no doctor, nor have I ever played one on TV. But family members and close friends have suffered from serious mental declines and problems. Watching a loved one change for the worse is emotionally exhausting, frustrating, demoralizing, and depressing. Denial only works for so long.

John McCain and his campaign proudly promote his experience in foreign affairs. They pretend to believe that they have some great advantage over Obama, despite the cluster*** and quagmire that Iraq and Afghanistan have become. The more we look into Georgia-Russia, the worse McCain looks.

Recently on other foreign issues, McCain seems ever more confused. He repeatedly mixed up Sunni and Shiite, he forgot that Iran is a Shiite country, he claimed Iran was training Sunni terrorists and hosted Al Qaida terrorists, and he was lucky to have Sen. Lieberman nearby to correct him during his recent embarrassing trip.

He called the Czech Republic “Czechoslovakia.” He thought that Pakistan and Iraq share a common border and he said the Vladimir Putin was the current president of Germany. All of this in just the last three months. There are many more examples, even more frightening and dismaying.

While everyone is entitled to make mistakes, so many basic errors can indicate more serious cognitive problems, especially when many of his actions are becoming strange in other ways. What presidential candidate would offer his wife up for a topless contest at a biker convention, or sing “Bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran?”

On at least 5 occasions in the last two months, when asked an unexpected question, this dazed, “deer in the headlights” look crossed his face, and when he finally responded, his answers had nothing to do with the issues raised.

On major issues, (abortion, social security, taxes, Iran, Iraq, off-shore drilling, stem cells, just to mention a few) McCain either forgot his previous stances and changed his mind, or he is incapable of recalling positions he held dearly as recently as a year ago. McCain’s problem is that he categorically denies ever changing his positions, even when he is shown video and news articles.

A growing group of conservatives, moderates, and medically educated are beginning to question his mental status, as similar disturbing events continue to occur.

Senile Dementia results in progressive loss of memory and mental abilities, and noticeable personality changes. Short-term memory is affected first, and a victim then has increasing emotional and physical instability, with unpredictable switches between apathy and aggression. Victims fill in the blanks in their memory unpredictably, and confabulate facts routinely. More and more, his behavior resembles that of Senile Dementia sufferers.

Dementia sufferers can be friendly, interactive, intelligent, responsive, convincing, alert, and fully aware. Yet, even they understand that something is wrong, and more than anyone, an intelligent person hates to admit it to himself. His statements yesterday and today, discussing the office of Vice President as someone who WOULD take over for the president (McCain) for medical reasons, suggested that he already knows that he suffers from a serious problem.

John McCain has served his nation honorably. Except for his Keating 5 scandal, he seems to have avoided most troubles that other congressmen and senators seem to attract like shit attracts flies. Then again, the Abramof scandal has not fully played out, and many of his lobbyist advisers may yet taint him with their own criminal activities.

While John McCain deserves respect and thanks for his past service, that service should not and cannot blind us from recognizing and considering a growing collection of strange behavior and serious misstatements. If McCain does suffer from a progressive mental disability, he has no business being president.

Let us hope that our media, previously seduced by an alert, semi-independent, self-described maverick, won’t allow their biases and past love, blind them from the decline he displays more and more often. Let us hope his aides who prop him up on weekdays (since McCain is physically and mentally incapable of campaigning on weekends) recognize what America deserves – a sane, fit, energetic, and rational president. More often than not, John McCain no longer fits that description.


  1. Hal Brown

    “.. imagine (some form of neurological infirmity) but this time from a president who’s caught in the grips of some kind forgetful dementia – in addition to his spastic hair-trigger rage. In other words, the most dangerous combination of character traits possible.” From Bob Cesca.

    Oh come on, let’s be nice to the not very nice man, kiddies. Maybe he thinks of houses as typical four (or more) sides with a roof and pool and guest house and gardens and manicured lawn, not mansions in the sky which his condo residences are.

  2. bryan mcclellan

    I think he is the mirror image of Bush II. A serial liar and underachiever who bullied his way into powerful positions using other peoples money and influence, all for the feeding of his massive ego.

    His behavior proves he will discount the cost of any action or assertion as long as he and his base can retain power and shield themselves from blame and scrutiny.

    He spoke of reviving the draft today in agreement with an audience members question about the shape of our military and what options we may be forced to consider to remain a superpower.In essence he maintained that war and more war is closer than the horizon if he’s elected POTUS.

    Sounds more maniacal than demented. Do dementia sufferers intentionally lie?

    And I personally, will withhold giving him any respect until his military records are a matter of public record.What could a bona fide hero possibly have to hide?

  3. pollchecker

    Sounds more maniacal than demented.

    Bryan, why can’t he be BOTH maniacal AND demented?

    Maniacal in that he will do or say ANYTHING to seize control of our country. Demented in that he can’t remember anything he said and/or did.

    That’s what makes him ESPECIALLY dangerous.

  4. Carl Nemo

    Well said as usual Bryan…

    “And I personally, will withhold giving him any respect until his military records are a matter of public record. What could a bona fide hero possibly have to hide?”…

    I second your sentiments concerning this MSM indemnified, so-called, “war hero”.

    After a while it gets disgusting to hear people over and over feating this guy without genuine “proof” that he is such a hero.

    I guess if a lie is repeated often enought then it must be true. No one darest question his “hero” status…no?!

    Obviously he’s a favorite with the MSM. He’s always throwing barbecues for them and sucking up by giving them endless access, along with his phony-assed synthetic smile to the cameras. He’s a legend in his own mind and also an applause “junkie” as far as I’m concerned. He’s the “Bob Hope” of American politics except I find him to be quite humorless… : |

    I’ll supply the link to a concurrent article on CHB airing both yours and my sentiments concerning this guy.

    Wake up and demand disclosure AmeriKa…if that’s possible! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. pollchecker

    I guess if a lie is repeated often enought then it must be true

    That’s exactly what I have been saying for months! That’s their entire stategy…..lie, Lie, LIE!

  6. Azariel

    He’s an apocalypse waitng to happen.

    “You get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word” – Al Capone

  7. Direct Democracy

    The President is a talking head for the American branch of the global capitalist syndicate. Political parties are a narcotic to lull people into thinking that their opinion still matters. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out needs to have their head examined by a stonecutter.



  8. spartacus

    McCain would say or do anything – literally – to be president. He would kiss any butt: tell any blatant, horrendous, slanderous lie; allow his child to be used and slandered in the most egregious manner with no repercussions; starve the middle class; and sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans and those of other countries in a fruitless, useless, unjustified and pointless war. He sucks up to people he had no stomach for 8 years ago: the far right and religious “agents of intolerance” are his best buds. It’s disgusting.

    At Saddleback, it was obvious he already knew the questions. His answers were too quick; then there was the one he even answered without even hearing the entire question read aloud! When he starts in on the “my friends”, we know it’s all rehearsed gibberish.

    He’s crochety, mean, nasty, vindictive, impatient, irritable, forgetful of what he just said moments before, and his handlers have stated that he, the candidate, does not speak for his own campaign. He needs weekends off to recuperate from all the bile and venom he spews, as well as the strain it puts on him because he isn’t fit to run. He’s being handled by his handlers and kept away from the press because those around him are afraid of what he’ll say, or maybe what he’ll forget and say as a result. Mentally and physically, he isn’t up to being president. His mind is going, which is obvious to ANYONE paying attention.

    The idea of this lunatic being president should frighten anyone. A hair trigger with a brain that’s on the way out has no business controlling the largest nuclear arsenal in the world!

  9. Carl Nemo

    Spartacus, truly a superb indictment concerning McCain!

    If elected then he’ll be a less palatable version of Ronald Reagan who was basically “handled” by H.W. Bush.

    McCain will surely be reporting to his designated case officers. He’s definitely the “Manchurian Candidate” in more ways than one… : |

    America will be in “harms way” if this evil mattoid makes it to the helm even more so than with Bush.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. VietnamVet

    Well, I guess you could say he IS sorta senile; he can’t even remember how many homes he has!!!!

  11. ECT.


    No TRUE Hero seals their Military Record.

    Furthermore, McCain only spent 5 1/2 years as a POW…what about those other TRUE POW Heros…some who spent 8 years in captivity?