From bad to worse

    I was reading an article on the main page about Bush and his firm (and utterly unreasonable) hard line position on the military deployment currently “enjoyed” by the country under his “administration”.

    One line that got me really thinking was (paraphrased here..)”ONLY 5 months to go”…The heart flutters to think of the continued damage this “administration” will do in the coming 5 months…

    The heart STOPS when the potential for some manufactured excuse is found to be what he needs to declare himself Dictator for life, is considered.

    WHY are these mad tramplers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights not being hauled away in chains?

    Maybe Bush, his mad circus, the two current Presidential hopefulls, and Cheney, all need to go hunting together…based on past history, it might solve a couple of “administrative issues” pretty much right away.

    M. Terry