Do we really want another Bush in the presidency? He will start world war 3 and continue the war with Russia and help Georgia? The saying goes Bush Recession and MCCAIN a Depression. We need to get rid of the old school politician and get a new politician that will help Global warming, reduce our dependency on Foriegn oil and bring back america jobs. Mcains issues are only 12 of what he wants to do for America. Obama whants to bring drastic change, resulting in over 24 issues. That is double what Mccain wants to do. I have visited both sites, I say stop racism and bashing. Stop the hate and war and get america back to the day after all pitched in on 9/11, what has happened to america helping each other. After 9/11 we all fell into our own pride and lust for worldly goods. I am a christian like Obama and this nation needs a Christian President.

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