In some ways no matter who gets elected President this fall, nothing seems likely to change in any real sense. The real problems that we face as a nation cannot be solved by any president or any Congress. They can only be solved by us, working toward common goals, and making personal sacrifice. There is abundant evidence that most Americans are unwilling to face this truth.

We bitch and moan that gas rises to $4 a gallon while most of the world pays much more than this because we are convinced we are entitled to cheap gas to drive when and where we want in any monster vehicle we think we deserve. We are convinced we are entitled to consume more of the world’s resources per capita than any other nation.

We are convinced we should have and endless supply of credit available to buy every bauble dangled in our vision by soul less producers who just want to sell more crap regardless of the cost to the environment, the people and the world.

Politicians cater to this insanity by doing what they think will mollify our infantile need to consume no matter what it takes to do so. George Bush was just the latest in a long line of ponzi scheme presidents who invade and subjugate other peoples so we never have to face reality and scale back our gluttonous appetites and inability to live within our means.

While Obama hints at some of this, McCain adamantly denies any need to rearrange our priorities. Neither has been willing to slap America across the face and tell us the truth about the current state of our nation. The last president who told any truth at all in this regard is the much maligned Jimmy Carter. Look at what America has done to him.

We act like spoiled children and demand that our president be daddy Warbucks for our wants. We save less than almost any other peoples, we are selling our nation to big money offshore, we want “happy talk” that tells us we do not need to sacrifice, cut back, economize. It is all someone else’s fault. It is all because “they” are unpatriotic.

Everything would be all right if we just went shopping. Grow up America. Stop the insanity.

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