Everyone knows that the problem with lying is that you have to be able to keep up with all the lies you have told and that is not easy for most people. Apparently it is not easy for John McCain either.

McCain Voted For Earmark He Rails Against In Ad

FactCheck.Org reports that John McCain’s “Outrageous” ad:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain cites three absurd-sounding examples of pork-barrel spending in a recent ad: a “bridge to nowhere,” a study of the DNA of bears and a Woodstock museum………..

* He never specifically went after the “bridge to nowhere,” and he was absent for key votes on its funding.
* While he tried to cut money for several other projects in the same bill, he never proposed cutting the bear study and voted for the final bill containing it.
* He wasn’t present for the most important votes on the Woodstock museum, including one on an amendment he co-sponsored to kill the earmark and divert some of the funds.

We’ve already had almost 2 decades of liars as POTUS, do we really need 4 more years of what appears to be the worst liar and HYPOCRITE of them all in John McCain?

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