Truth has a price.
Be not willing to say it if you are unwilling to pay
But when you hide
It pops up through another window
Cos’ truth like light is predestined to shine
Circumstances unrelated, summing up to results unintended
And man an unwitting catalyst of predestination
Wondering why on earth he pushed the button.

Truth stands out and embarrasses scrutiny
Withstands too many battles with too little help
Of many blows and lingering scars
Just one little gain
The little wry smile of not seeing vain.

Truth endures and time only proves it
Ignoring actions and reactions seen and unseen
Bidding time, baiting thoughts premeditated
Fooling man to his desires
Laying siege to all even itself
Till its tiniest piece the universe behold
And Truth itself had said its mine.

Truth dwells inside
Deep down in the innermost chamber
Where the mind chooses to hide
Pricking, sighing, smooching, crying
Sometimes in vain, sometimes gain
Ever in search for an alltime gain.

……Well I think it is time we start eulogising truth. Maybe we can make it look good once more for our public places.