People think I don’t like Republicans. So let’s be clear…I don’t like the Republicans Party that has kissed GW Bush’s behind and enabled his hideous policies. But fortunately in this world not ALL Republicans are behind kissers. And here’s an example of an actual Republican Senator that is to be admired and respected for standing up for what he believes and not cowtow to the political beings that think they know everything.

If I lived in Oklahoma, I might just be tempted to vote for him.

Senator who Births Babies gets Boost from Voters

Coburn is a medical doctor who continues to deliver about 400 babies a year. When told that it would be a violation of Senate rules to earn such outside income, Coburn stopped collecting money. He actually loses money for delivering the babies since he pays for malpractice insurance out of his own pocket. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that 77% of voters say such conduct is appropriate for a senator while only 8% disagree.

But, according to that’s not good enough for the six senators on the ethics committee, three from each party. They have ordered Coburn to stop delivering babies for free even though he provides services for poor and uninsured women.

While the committee itself, chaired by California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, doesn’t rate the Coburn issue as its highest priority, the fact that it is an issue at all seems odd to most voters. Just 13% say this is the kind of issue that the ethics committee should be concerned about.

When told that Coburn would ignore the committee and continue delivering babies for free, 75% voiced a favorable opinion of the senator (including 40% with a Very Favorable opinion). Obviously, those figures are based upon just a single aspect of Coburn’s Senate career. But if the ethics committee keeps pushing the issue, it will be the one thing that most voters know about the first-term senator who is up for reelection in 2010.

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