Come to think of it, I DO need more time off. Fractured leg, screwed up back, hip, neck, and heavy duty pain meds tend to prevent one from doing his job. But, enough about mois. Let’s talk about another walking wounded warrior. W.

W, as in George W.

Today, he announced that he was heading back to the fake pig farm known as Crawford, Texas, to recoup from his heavy party and travel schedule in China. From the video and photos from China, it sure seems that whatever meds or liquids Ole George swallowed were a hell of a lot more powerful than what my docs have given me. In fact, despite my pain, I’d hesitate even asking him to share. I sort of prefer my version of sobriety and sanity. As it were.

For the next five weeks, I am pretty much immobilized, in my case, by a drunk driver blowing through a red light. For the same five weeks, George will be pretty much immobilized, in his case, by a bottle plus whatever anti-psychotics his staff feeds him.

But never fear. Condi Rice is here! She and her infamous anti-Midas touch (Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Sudan, Serbia, Kuwait, Korea, Yemen, Russia, Egypt, – the list is truly endless – and yes, I mentioned Iraq twice. Should have been three, at least) are infiltrating and infecting Ceorgia. The Eurasian one, not the American version.

Upon her return, George promised to make time between bike rides to talk to her about Paris. Oh, and he might invite Bill Gates. No, not Bill, Melinda? Pops. No, Pops was that coloured b-ball player from Harlem. ROBERT! That’s it. Robert Gates.

At least we know that in the 21st Century no country should ever invade another country. Or so says George Bush.

It is with mixed feelings that we should view President Bush’s 2,221th vacation day over the last eight years.

After all, the muddle east is ready to explode with Israel ready to invade Iran, Damascus threatening southern Lebanon, Musharraf ready to resign as Pakistan’s dictator, Russia invading Georgia, India looking to take advantage over Pakistan’s descent into civil war, Pakistan losing control over its military and nuclear arsenal, Afghanistan becoming far more deadly, as Taliban forces control much of the countryside, with Paki intelligence support, Indonesia creating serious problems with bird flu outbreaks, and many other parts of the world absolutely mistrustful of the president and his cronies.

Perhaps the best place for him is out of sight and out of mind.

Sigh. How much longer must we put up with that man?

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