FCC Commissioner: return of fairness doctrine could control web content

    FCC Commissioner: Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content

    So much for freedom of speech and freedom of press under these damn bureaucratic neo-cons.

    I’m quite certain this will all end up in the Supreme Court. The problem is who will be on the Supreme Court when it does?

    Will it be more Federalist neo-cons like we have seen Bush appoint? This is, in my opinion, the MOST IMPORTANT issue of this election because the Supreme Court is suppose to be unbiased and it is the last place for citizens to have thier rights upheld.

    And even that isn’t happening these days with the annoitment of Bush’s justices. If McCain takes control of our country, he will put more of these type of justices on the Supreme Court. Maybe enough to tip the balance of powers indefinitely.

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