Thank You Mr. President

    Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper is complaining about lack of US support for attacking Iran. If true, thanking the President may lead to more good news. I hope I am not the only one to email George Bush a thank you letter. This is what I sent. I feal the urge to change a few words from what I sent for this blog, but adding this cover paragraph is the only change.


    To the extent the following story about limiting aid is true, President Bush I want to express my deep appreciation,

    I also want to thank you for your calming voice after 9/11, when you urged people not to deface Muslim businesses. At various times bin Laden tried to finagle, inspire and bait total war between Muslims and the West. You and then Secretary of State Powell successfully prevented an al Qaeda inspired war after militants, emboldened by bin Laden, attacked the India parliament.

    Your efforts, at times, to try to have Muslims capture bin Laden instead of US troops is frustrating, but we could be worse off with bin Laden as larger than life dead martyr.

    I’ll be honest; I don’t like it that when al Qaeda appeared to be less of a threat, the administration sided with those who see al Qaeda as an opportunity is disguise, in order to convince us of the need for a strong defense effort.

    Now either McCain or Obama will be President, and they both in their own way have big plans to spend our empty treasury on grandiose policies.

    I truly hope you can find a way out of Iraq before the next president gets a chance to in their own way to show off to the world.

    I urge you to realize that al Sadr could be a US ally in finding a way out that doesn’t give bin Laden a lot to cheer about. In the conflicts on the Russian border, I wonder if Russia would pull back in exchange for the US agreeing not the expand NATO, or possible totally changed policy in exchange for regularly scheduled shrinkage of NATO. Fear can cause aggression, as much as, or more than, confidence can.

    President Bush I hope you can take a moment to google “What do Eisenhower, Bush Jr, and Obama have in common?”

    Again, thank you for not giving Israel the new weapons it wants, while getting in the way of al Qaeda’s efforts to make anti-Semitism the views of the majority of the US, which Moussaoui was preaching all during his 9/11 trial.

    Richard Kane . . .

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