Nick Kristoff, in a recent NY Times posting, comments that there are ways other than military action to conduct Diplomacy. It seems to me that the only ‘diplomacy’ our Secretary of State has managed to practice is buying shoes in every country of the world she has visited. Well, perhaps that falls under the purview of repairing the imbalance of trade rather than diplomacy.

Re Bush and diplomacy: “HA HA!!!” Ya gotta be joking!

Re Cheney and diplomacy: “Look into my barrels. See the buckshot in the shell? Watch the pretty explosion. Run Dick, run. Look Spot, no partner. Let’s play hide and hide. Nah, nah, you’ll never find me!!!”

Peace in the Middle East: Impossible. The arabs want one thing above all and that is the complete elimination of any Jews from the land known as Israel. Any concessions that the Israelis make will be taken and then new demands will be made. Once Ehud Barak, the Prime Minister of Israel, agreed to EVERYTHING that Yassir Arafat demanded. EVERYTHING! Suddenly, it was not enough and peace, always elusive, was avoided again.

Arabs in the middle east would be quite happy to return to their feudal lives and barren lands. They would turn Israel into a wasteland, a desert once again, and then begin anew their tribal bickering and warfare. Once they kill all the Jews, they can get about their business of killing each other again.

Islam has a goal. It is total world domination. Look at a map of the world and note the spread of Islam. Professing that Islam is a religion of peace is not substantiated by facts. There is little room for debate or controversy or disagreement in Islam. Look at Holland, where muslims were given total freedom and accepted into the culture. When someone drew a cartoon that the mullahs found objectionable, he was sentenced to death for his opinion. When a movie producer made a film that muslims did not like, he was assassinated.

Islam is not tolerant of other religions. They still think that the Crusades are going on, and unfortunately Bush has done nothing to dissuade them. Nothing will satisfy them except the elimination of all other religions. Nothing. Look at Thailand–4 muslim provinces in the South want independence, and the muslims have murdered Buddhist Monks, blown up temples, exploded bombs that kill innocent women and children. Look at China where the moslems are killing anyone close enough to reach with their knives. Enough trash talk about Islam being a religion of peace. Let’s see it for what it is, and decide if we want to live under such a restrictive religion. The choices are yea or nay.

Re the state of the United States: Not great right now. We have lost our manufacturing base–farmed it out to China, and Bangladesh, and Costa Rica and Mexico and other third world countries. In doing so we made them strong and ourselves weak. We talk about illegal immigrants but who of us wants to do the work that these people perform? Take out all the illegal immigrants and see how well our country functions. You won’t be happy. We need to remember that our country was built on an open-door immigration policy and that our diversity is what gives us our strength. We need to embrace our different ethnicities and learn about them. Hell, if we do it right we won’t need to fly to China, or Japan, or Europe, or Africa, we can take a city bus and visit all those places.

And what is wrong with having more languages in our country? Are we afraid to learn? Imagine going into a Chinese restaurant and ordering in mandarin–I guarantee you will get different and tastier and cheaper food than if you order off the English Menu. Just be certain that the chef is really Chinese, and not Mexican or Costa Rican. And if he or she IS a mexican or costa rican, ask them to prepare a dish from THEIR country. You will be amazed at the diversity of food that suddenly will become available to you.

Re philandering pols: Who cares? What difference does it make where some politician dips his wick? They ALL lie, so why even expect otherwise? Bush may be our only celibate president–after all, who would want to hump Laura and Georgie is too enraptured with his power to bother screwing around. Besides, all that drinking he is obviously doing does not make for a stiffie.

Edwards is a non-entity. Who gives a crap if he lied? If I ever sunk so low as to screw anyone as ugly as that woman, I would lie too, and I ain’t a pol and am not married.

Career jobs in the government: That is fine for the people who do the nitty gritty day-to-day jobs, but it doesn’t work for Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, or Presidents and Vice-Presidents. We need to reform our government and make term limits for these people. One, three year term for all Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, or Presidents and Vice-Presidents. No re-election and no lifetime benefits with astronomical salaries and perks. Let them have the same social security as the rest of us, and the same medicare and medicaid as all the people. After all, THEY work for US. They are our employees. Let them work for 3 years and then go back to their lives as private citizens. No more lobbyists or special interest groups wining and dining these people. Leave them alone and let them work. Since they can’t be reelected, they don’t need to campaign. Since they won’t be around in 4 years, they don’t have to worry about losing their past careers. They don’t need to learn “the System.” “THE SYSTEM” is broke. Toss it out and start fresh. See what we the people need, like jobs, like insurance, like good schools, and get those things for us. That’s your job. Do your job.

Military service: Mandatory. Reserves up to the age of 40. Everyone goes–male, female, and homosexuals and lesbians. Those who want to stay for a career may do so, but if after their 3 year service, they want to leave, let them. Just let them also know that once a year they will spend 3 weeks on active duty until they are 40 years old. Too fragile to fight, OK, we need clerk-typists or computer geeks or assembly people too. Everyone can work and everyone will work. Semper Fi baby! If you can hear thunder and see lightning, you are in. If you cannot, well, you’re still in but we will find a new job for you. Street sweeping might work…

Guns and drugs: Easy. Eliminate all of them. How? Simple. Just a bit of anarchy: ANYONE found with a gun or drugs in his or her possession will be executed by lethal injection if, in 3 days, they cannot prove that the gun or drugs were not theirs. Some people might fight this, and might even resort to force. That will bring about immediate execution. On the spot. No run Spot run.

Prisons: That nutty sheriff in Arizona had some pretty good ideas. I like pink for the men and puce for the ladies. No more privileges. Everyone works. Bologna sandwiches–mayonnaise only once a week. If that isn’t an eye for an eye, then what is corporal punishment all about??? No more 3 time ‘losers.’ The third time gets you a lethal injection. No appeal.

Why so many threes? Why darlin, everyone knows a fool always picks 3.

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