At least eight former House pages have come forward or been sought out by the FBI and the news media to discuss their experiences with former Rep. Mark Foley of Florida.

Their reports have ranged from a widespread awareness among pages that Foley "flirted" with teenage males to extremely explicit sexual remarks allegedly made on line.

These reports are arranged in the approximate year the pages met the former congressman, who announced through his lawyer this week that he is gay and that he sometimes drank alcohol while conducting on-line chats. But Foley denies any sexual misconduct with minors.

1997 — Two years after Foley took office, former House page Tyson Vivyan, now 26, told AP, he started getting sexually suggestive instant messages from an anonymous source that he later determined was Foley. As in other cases, the messages started arriving a few months after Vivyan concluded his work as a page. He said later that summer he and another former page visited Foley at his Capitol Hill townhouse, where they had pizza and soft drinks. Vivyan said the meeting did not become sexual.

1998 — A former page from the class of 1998 said he began getting instant messages from Foley while he was in his senior year of high school. In one message, Foley said he was sitting around in his boxer shorts and wanted to know what the page was wearing. "It became more weird, and I stopped responding," the page told ABC News.

2000 — Two pages from the class of 2000 have come forward to discuss Foley’s advances. "It was kind of known that he flirted with some of the male pages," Jason Davis, now 22 and a recent West Point graduate, told Scripps Howard News Service. "We joked about it, but it was always on the low key."

Another ex-page in this class told ABC that Foley visited him at the male page’s dormitory and offered rides in the congressman’s BMW. The ensuing e-mails became increasingly explicit, asking for photographs of "my erect penis." He said Foley arranged a sexual liaison with him after his 18th birthday.

2002 — A page in the class of 2002 reported he had returned to his home and had passed his 17th birthday before he started receiving e-mails from Foley. He told ABC News that the congressman asked if the former page had ever seen his roommates naked and "how big their penises were." He said Foley later offered room in his town home, in exchange for sex, if the page ever visited Washington, D.C., again.

2003 — At least two former pages engaged in extremely sexually explicit instant messaging exchanges with "Maf54" which was Foley’s log on name while using the messaging services of America On Line. One exchange occurred while the House was still in session. "I better go vote," Maf54 wrote. "Did you know you would have this effect on me?" He later asked "for a good night kiss."

In a different exchange with a different teenager, Maf54 asked, "Do I make you a little horny?" Maf54 fantasized about undressing the teenager, prompting the former page to demure, "Not tonight." It was the disclosure of this exchange that prompted Foley to resign.

2005 — Although one of the least suggestive of all of Foley’s alleged Internet exchanges with former pages, a series of e-mails to a Louisiana teenager in 2005 eventually sparked the scandal. Foley began asking how old the teen was, what he wanted for his birthday, and if he would send Foley a personal photo. "This freaked me out," the youth is reported to have said. His parents complained to the teen’s congressional sponsor, Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La. The exchange leaked to several news organizations but didn’t become public until after a round of Internet postings in September.

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