What is Texas Gov. Rick Perry hiding?

It was an 8-month battle, but the governor’s expenses will be made public.

Gov. Rick Perry, Office of Attorney General Greg Abbott, and the Texas Dept. of Public Safety went a long way to try to keep the information away from the public eye.

These entities even tried to keep the information private by making the allegations that the information could be used to try to kill the governor and/or make his future travel more dangerous.

What a crock!

Perry has a long history of being tied to the pockets and apron strings of his wealthy special interests, so in trying to hide the expenses from the public, the governor shows that Texans still can’t trust him.

According to an article in The Lone Star Iconoclast:

“Judge: Perry Not Worth Killing… Or Protecting
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AUSTIN, Texas — A district judge ruled last week that Gov. Rick Perry is indeed safe from harm.

The two-page ruling granted three Texas newspapers access to Perry’s travel records after eight months of battling with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the office of Attorney General Greg Abbott (R), and the Republican governor’s office. Reporters for the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News, and the Austin American-Statesman wanted copies of expense vouchers filed by Perry’s security team.

Abbott argued that the information, should it be released, would allow potential threats to enter the governor’s life and family while traveling, though his trips are funded by taxpayer monies.”

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