So, now according to John McCain, Senator Obama is the anti-Christ.

If this latest political strategy of the GOP and Senator McCain was not so un-Christian and un-American, their desperate attempt to portray a United States Senator as the anti-Christ would be laughable or at least generate a bit of pity.

Republican Party fear tactics to elect George Bush targeted those among us easily led to be afraid of counties which did not attack us and non-existent mushroom clouds. They encouraged fear until some voters saw Al Qaeda hiding under every bed. The GOP even specifically targeted those voters whose greatest fear was Americans who are simply homosexual. They have now outdone themselves with their latest attempt at fostering hatred and division.

Now with only 10% of Americans still believing the GOP’s less than subtle message that Senator Obama is a Muslim, the classic Rove Strategy is again running in high gear and, as before, depends on fear, intolerance and ignorance to succeed a third time. The far-right political shock jocks and mass-produced spam emails weren’t getting the job done. They were not generating enough fear about Senator Obama. It was time to play hardball.

Enter the McCain campaign to save the GOP by spreading it’s own unique message of fear across the internet to remind voters that Republicans are the only ones who can keep us safe from the worst they can convince us to believe.

Even as McCain’s campaign and the GOP belatedly protest that their advertisement suggesting Senator Obama is the anti-Christ is simply a “joke”, their campaign strategists know full well some voters are already going through their entire collection of the Left Behind series looking for confirmation of this latest GOP claim.

The McCain GOP strategists understand these voters will be too busy to notice the real world while the ‘truth’ is right before their eyes:

“This mudslem, am sure he’s one of ‘them’, is indeed a junior senator!”

“Yes, look here, it’s right here in the book!!”

“The speech, the speech, he gave a speech just like that! I knew it, I just knew it!”

“I’m sending this solid proof out to everyone on my email list!”

“I’m checking my bible right now!!!”

“I’m going straight to my IRC political chat room and post this important information!”

“We need to expose this Obama as the anti-Christ before it’s too late!”

Never mind that Reverend Tim LaHaye, who recognized the GOP advertisement as coming straight from his very popular and very fictional Left Behind series, stated: “The antichrist isn’t going to be an American, so it can’t possibly be Obama. The Bible makes it clear he will be from an obscure place, like Romania.” Facts will not enter into this latest GOP campaign smear strategy.

“If you believe in Jesus, you’ll vote against the anti-Christ!”

Think I am exaggerating what is already being said and spread around thicker than peanut butter with the help of McCain’s low class campaign trick? Spend some time in IRC political chat rooms and peruse some of the spam email being sent coast to coast. Check out some of the crackpot websites and blogs already dedicated to proving this ridiculous GOP claim.

THIS is exactly what John McCain’s advertisement is trying to encourage.

THIS is what they are trying to promote.

THIS is why McCain has no problem pushing the idea of Obama as the anti-Christ.

The Republican Party and John McCain’s campaign strategists are more than aware of basic human nature. All campaign strategists study human nature in order to use it to their best advantage, the same as corporations have always done in their attempts to sell us product. The McCain campaign believes their linking Senator Obama to the anti-Christ is a solid campaign strategy to foster foolish rumors built on foolish fears spread by foolish humans.

John McCain believes it to be a workable, cost productive and effective strategy or he would not have allowed his campaign to produce an advertisement of this nature. He fully understands some people will believe and spread these lies regardless of reality. His GOP strategists consider this advertisement to be a success if it will help to spawn the least bit of doubt or create yet another distraction from issues for which they have no viable answers. The GOP is an old hand at instilling fear and know how to play gullible voters willing to fall for it and willing to be used as fools and tools. The McCain strategists were taught well by Karl Rove.

The McCain campaign doesn’t want us to remember that the Republican Party and Rove played on ignorance and intolerance to win the last two presidential elections. They prefer we forget how they encouraged hate towards our neighbors. They don’t want us to remember how they fed us fear in order to sell us a war. They fail to realize, however, many voters refuse to forget.

With this pathetic and more than obvious GOP campaign strategy to paint Senator Obama, a United States Senator, as the anti-Christ, they have taken their well worn fear tactics far beyond even the worst of gutter politics. The fact John McCain has now stooped so low as to use Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as a political pawn in their attempt to create fear among Christian voters is reason enough alone not to vote for the man.


  1. Wishful thinking..For anyone out there thinking that the world is in its “final days”..I say get a grip! You had best prepare yourself for being here for the duration and quit thinking that an anti-Christ or Armegedon is coming to save your sorry ass from all of this earthly mess…it ain’t happening!

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