1. After being in the church for years and observing church goers for another 60 years I can only report that there is an obsession with sex in all of their values.

    Their list of Christians’ sins stem from out- populating other sects and cults.

    Those Christians who discover they are gay simply have to hide and some even marry and produce children for a cover. Sadly a portion of their offspring are also gay.

    I’d lived so closely to the Evangelicals I tried to warn the GOP to step away from them and keep a successful agenda of limited government. I’ve attended revival meetings where people practically copulate in public in their mania for Jesus Christ.

    What I was not aware of were how many Christian families abused their own children. I discovered that when I went to work for a couple of “at-risk” teen groups.

    There is nothing more evil than taking advantage of one’s clerks (male of female) but to abuse children is enough for me to step away from any lecherous Christians. We must protect our children since we haven’t raised our own young women to stay out of trouble with these awful politicians.

    What these Republicans have taught us all is keep abortions legal!!!

  2. Has anyone else noticed the deafening silence from the “family values” (spelled: “homophobe”) wing of the Republican Party over all this?

    But, sadly, I’m not sure the price of admission to watch this three-ring circus is anywhere CLOSE to being worth what we are paying for it in taxes.

  3. I always thought Newt was a Buddy, you know a guy who goes to town and gets two blow jobs and comes home and gives you one.
    Wathing PBS last night really opened my eyes on The Young Republicans who grew up. You know the #1 man Abermoff the lobby King who partners with DeLay scamed money from the Indian Casinos, to get favors from the higher-ups in the White House. These College “buddies” sure knew how to work the system along with little “Newt of Ethics” was the biggest HYPOCRITS of them all.
    So what we have learned from all this is politicians are human. Simply put that money breeds coruption, and these “crooks” lack of a better word, Owe there alligence to none, espeically the CONSTITUTION.
    I wondered how little Georgie Bush never got caught with his finger in the money box…Oh what a tangled web

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