Sex scandals, blow jobs and the ’stench of hypocrisy’

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the shameless hypocrite who left Congress under a cloud of ethical questions and publicly chastised Bill Clinton while sneaking out on his wife and nailing a House Agriculture Committee staffer, is now claiming Democrats have bigger sex scandals than Republicans.

"What we don’t have to do is allow our friends on the left to lecture us on morality," Gingrich said at a party fundraiser in Greenville, SC, Wednesday. "There’s a certain stench of hypocrisy."

Gingrich should know something about the stench of hypocrisy. He stinks to high heaven from it.

This hypocrite is the man who served his first wife with divorce papers while she lay in a hospital bed. He divorced his second wife after his screwing of a House staffer became public while he was Speaker of the House and leading the GOP charge against Clinton.

100506oralsex2.jpgThis is the same Newt Gingrich who used to take campaign volunteers back to his car and so they could give him blow jobs.

Just ask Ann Manning, a married woman back home in Georgia who admits to an affair with Gingrich.

"We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her,’" says Manning.

Dot Crews remembers Gingrich’s failed campaign for Congress in 1974.

"We would have won in 1974 if we could have kept him out of the office, screwing her (a young volunteer on Gingrich’s staff) on the desk," Crews says.

Kip Carter, his former campaign treasurer, remembers a football game in Gingrich’s district. She was walking Gingrich’s two daughters back from the game and cut across the parking lot when she spied the Congressman’s car.

"As I got to the car, I saw Newt in the passenger seat and one of the guys’ wives with her head in his lap going up and down," Carter says. "Newt kind of turned and gave me this little-boy smile. Fortunately, Jackie Sue and Kathy were a lot younger and shorter then."

I worked for Gingrich in 1992, raising money for GOPAC, his political action committee. During fundraisers at homes in the Washington area, he would whisper something in the ear of a sweet young thing and they would disappear for 30-45 minutes.

"Newt’s getting a blow job," a female GOPAC staffer told me. "He likes blow jobs."

At the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992, a GOPAC volunteer was assigned to escort young women to a hotel room for quickie oral sex and stand guard outside to make sure the Congressman was not disturbed.  I found one of those women crying in the hotel bar afterwards.

"He’s a pig," she said. "He made me get down on my knees and fellate him and then turned his back to me and told me to leave as soon as he came."

So, I asked, "why did you do it?"

"I work for him," she said. "I want to keep my job."

When the Republicans were trying their best to impeach and convict Bill Clinton for lying about his oral dalliances with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Gingrich was stepping out on his wife and sampling the sexual pleasures of Calista Bisek, a long and lean Capitol Hill Blonde more than 20 years his junior. 

He told friends he would read the Bible while waiting for her to finish singing each week at The National Cathedral, which I guess gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: "Oh God, I’m coming!"  Gingrich dumped his wife and married Bisek but GOP insiders tell me he is still up to his old tricks with any woman who is willing.

Gingrich is not the only tail chaser in the Republican Party. When he stepped down amid scandal, his first replacement, Rep. Bob Livingston of Louisiana, had to back out after admitting he cheated on his wife. Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana fathered a child out of wedlock and put his mistress on the House payroll. Even grandfatherly Henry J. Hyde, whom some suggest should replace current House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert if he is forced out because of the Mark Foley Congressional page scandal, admitted to a long affair in his younger days.

Democrats have their whore hounds as well and neither party can claim any moral high ground when it comes to sexual hijinks, but it is the Republican Party that claims to be holier-than-thou and preaches "family values." For Gingrich to now claim Republicans are somehow better than others when it comes to sex scandals is a bald-faced lie and the height of hypocrisy, even for Washington.

And somebody in Greenville probably gave him a blow job before he left town.


  1. anthny

    I always thought Newt was a Buddy, you know a guy who goes to town and gets two blow jobs and comes home and gives you one.
    Wathing PBS last night really opened my eyes on The Young Republicans who grew up. You know the #1 man Abermoff the lobby King who partners with DeLay scamed money from the Indian Casinos, to get favors from the higher-ups in the White House. These College “buddies” sure knew how to work the system along with little “Newt of Ethics” was the biggest HYPOCRITS of them all.
    So what we have learned from all this is politicians are human. Simply put that money breeds coruption, and these “crooks” lack of a better word, Owe there alligence to none, espeically the CONSTITUTION.
    I wondered how little Georgie Bush never got caught with his finger in the money box…Oh what a tangled web

  2. keith

    Has anyone else noticed the deafening silence from the “family values” (spelled: “homophobe”) wing of the Republican Party over all this?

    But, sadly, I’m not sure the price of admission to watch this three-ring circus is anywhere CLOSE to being worth what we are paying for it in taxes.

  3. Sandy Price

    After being in the church for years and observing church goers for another 60 years I can only report that there is an obsession with sex in all of their values.

    Their list of Christians’ sins stem from out- populating other sects and cults.

    Those Christians who discover they are gay simply have to hide and some even marry and produce children for a cover. Sadly a portion of their offspring are also gay.

    I’d lived so closely to the Evangelicals I tried to warn the GOP to step away from them and keep a successful agenda of limited government. I’ve attended revival meetings where people practically copulate in public in their mania for Jesus Christ.

    What I was not aware of were how many Christian families abused their own children. I discovered that when I went to work for a couple of “at-risk” teen groups.

    There is nothing more evil than taking advantage of one’s clerks (male of female) but to abuse children is enough for me to step away from any lecherous Christians. We must protect our children since we haven’t raised our own young women to stay out of trouble with these awful politicians.

    What these Republicans have taught us all is keep abortions legal!!!

  4. Dave Jelliff

    At least the Clinton blow job involved a consenting adult, (Monica). In the Foley case the situation involves teenage pages.

    During the Clinton scandal we had to endure endless hours of sperm, cigar, stained dress descriptions. When will we the public be able to read the Foley emails?

    I could care less about cheating government officials, but the way Republicans carried on about Bill Clinton, I’m all for calling the R’s out on their hypocrisy.

    And since when did alcoholism turn anyone into a pedophile. Foley used government property to try and lure young boys over to his boat house to ride his Johnson. Makes you wonder.

  5. Eleanor

    Well folks you are finally letting the real Newt be known – something us Georgians have known about him for years – but many of whom thought and some probably still do think – he walks on water. In my eyes he walks in the sewer. But does he have enough people fooled that they would actually want him for president? Oh dear God I pray not. Slime is slime is slime whether democrat or republican – libertarian – or anything else. But you know what I have found out in the many years I have lived – those who are yelling the most about the splinter in someone else’s eye has an enormous plank to remove from their own and in time it all comes out and we see them for what they are. Glad the truth about Newt is finally coming out.

  6. Eleanor

    Oh one more thing – Calista honey don’t get sick or get some disease cause Newtie will dump you like he did the other two.

  7. Lysistrata

    These people are obsessed with sex just like hungry people on a diet with food.
    Their stand against abortion and contraceptives is really to punish women for having had sex, it has nothing to do with life. They do hate women., Gingrich and Falwell and the rest of them.

  8. Thucydides2k

    This is where hypocrisy has replaced real governance as a reason for power. Since Reagan stated that “government was the problem” the GOP has had to come up with a strategy to explain the greater and greater need for money and the power that feeds it. If you can’t govern and don’t want to what is your means of energising the votes to stay in power. You NEED hypocrisy to do that. You NEED to play the religous folk to take their money like TV preachers. The poor have paid for this hypocrisy with their money and dreams. The greedy rich (all wealthy people are not alike folks) just winked and paid off.
    The GOP knows they are hypocrits but that is the only card they can play. The fear game of Bush is just another wink, wink, nudge, nudge lie in it.

  9. Tim


    Thanks so much for your insight. And these pieces of
    human crap are our leaders?
    The whole system is rotten
    to the core. One must wonder – to
    what god do these people
    pray? I’m not a religious man but I do indeed pray for the day when these vermin of Washington are swept away to the delousing stations of history where they belong.

  10. Joe Lawrence

    Am I to infer there are those, really, to whom these things come as a surprise?

    Power corrupts…..and you know the rest, I hope.

    Term limits, people – TERM LIMITS.

  11. Fred Goepfert

    I agree that Gingrich is another form of slime, as Foley is. There is no party immunity from this.
    (Ques: Is it an ethical no-no for Libertarians?)
    Concerning “Conservative homophobia”, if that means that I would rather kiss Ann Coulter than Doug Thompson, then I have it.

  12. Chuck

    I knew you couldn’t stop the rant, Doug. Our federal government is so hopelessly screwed (pun intended) that any sane person has to scream sometime, somewhere. Keep the rants coming. Its nice to know that I’m not the only American thats outraged by the behavior of the power hungry elite that rule our nation.

  13. South Point Man

    Well, no, technically speaking, power doesn’t corrupt at all. The corruption comes from total egotism. And total egotism, for whatever reason it does, has a rather intense craving for sadism to be going on. And we call this combination of total egotism and sadism “evilness” because it does evilness. (Well, duh-h-h…)

    For someone who doesn’t have total egotism, there would never be any corruption problem. For that someone, power is simply something that needs to be used when it needs to be used to get done the things that need to be gotten done.

    Whereas for someone who is mentally ill with total egotism, power is used when it shouldn’t be and used inappropriately to accomplish things that are dishonorable.

    It’s the mental illness that causes the corruption, not power.

    About all I know about total egotism that it is an offshoot of personal opinionism… a personal opinion that one is more special, exalted, elite, more blah blah blah than others. How personal opinionism manifests in this particular way, I have absolutely no idea. It’s so completely insane, though, because it’s so completely untrue. But, that’s why mental illness is called illness rather than mental health.

  14. Fred Goepfert

    America, The Land Of Opportunity.
    You can be in the Congress or maybe even be President.
    Then you can get blow-jobs whenever you want.
    Only in America!

  15. Beady Eye Guy

    GOP = Gay Ol’ Party LOL.

    Saddest thing about all this? This just gives the GOP and it’s cronies (Dobson, et al) the ammunition to say Gays are evil.


  16. Mary G

    Doug, I love you!! You always know how to make me smile…I just don’t know why anyone does’nt exploit these phoney’s. Is there any truth to Bohemian Grove?

  17. rbank

    Please link king george’s name with some DNA so that we can get rid of him. Lieing doesn’t count about anything except sex….So please. Maybe we could take up a collect and hire someone to frame him. I do think that Monica framed Bill.

  18. Fred Dawes

    as the system comes-apart we the people stand in line and say nothing and don’t watch.
    the time is coming when people will ask what happened to our rights, foley is just one of many who hate this nation and use people like pigs.
    do you know that the red chinese have execution buses? and this government has made a deal to sell cars from red china? here and to you! ask not about what you can do but what can i do in the coming mass murder that this government and its rats are planning for you!

    its your life and if the pigs in the one world “ideals” have anything to say your days are number. think freedom from evil doers inside our own government of rat and sell-outs who want buy your kids for sex, our congress is full of boy raping pigs. don’t fall for the global idea.

  19. South Point Man

    “Is there any truth to Bohemian Grove?”

    Answer: Yes.

    Publically, these nincompoops claim what “real christians” they are to placate and bamboozle the gullible. But privately, they are worshipping unto an ancient middle eastern demon deity with human sacrifice. Bizarre, grotesque, disgusting, but true.

    They claim they are just having fun and blowing off steam. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a duck. If they are worshipping unto a demon deity, then that’s what they are doing: worshipping unto a demon deity. I’m not christian myself and no scholar on christianity, but I’m pretty, pretty sure this kind of stuff is severely frowned upon and not considered a part of christianity.

    Any of you who are christians, please feel free to jump in here and correct me that worshipping unto Molech with human sacrifice is indeed an essential part of the christian practice…

  20. dave

    Wow. Just makes me wanna be a Congressman! All that sex AND all the money you can carry away from the lobbyist’s office too? Sheesh! Talk about the good life…. no wonder these guys would pimp their moms to get in there.

  21. the man

    republicans have done such a good job at mismanageing the gov’t that now even less people beleive that it can do any good. this was all part of the plan of course, the gop hates government and thinks its only purpose is to help the investor class- they’ve made it so dysfunctional. the gop has been in power in congress for over ten years and look any any major issue facing this country- healthcare -worse, education- worse,the economy -worse(except for investors) security-worse -every issue right down the line -worse! Why are they still in power – fears and smears!

  22. Agent 86

    Molech is a Babylonian god used in Ba’al worship where people would sacrifice their children buy burning them alive or making them “pass through the fire” the bible condems Molech and this practice, 2Kings 23:10-Jeremiah 32:35.

  23. Bill Robinson

    The word in DC was that Newt’s favorite BJ’s were those provided by the pages solicited by his pals from Florida and Illinois–Denny Dessert Hastert and Feel-em Foley.
    Then the three would all meet for a menage a Pentagon plus one.
    Debauchery almost unknown since the Roman Empire and the days of Caligula, or until Cheney came along blasting his pals with birdshot.

  24. len

    But Newtie-boy has his nose up close with the Christian Right. He can be forgiven for his duplicity and his total lack of moral values.

    The whole bunch are self-righteous anarchists who should be sent to Afghanistan to live the life of a real Taliban.

  25. rrk1

    Whether you are a volunteer or paid staffer for a campaign, having to give the candidate blowjobs to keep your position is not all that different from pages humoring (as I believe many of them did) a congressman who is obviously interested in them sexually. The power imbalance makes it all inexcusable.

    And Clinton’s dalliance with Monica was between consenting adults, as technically were the conversations between Foley and the pages. The age-of-consent in Washington is 16, and pages must be 16 to participate in the program. Age-of-consent means a person can decide to have sex with any adult they choose to, and by extension that would include having sexually explicit conversations. They may be minors, but they are over the age-of-consent. If that’s a contradiction, fine, but that’s how it is. Foley isn’t a “pedophile,” “child molester,” or sexual harasser. The pages aren’t “children,” and the harassee has to tell the harasser to cool it. Many of the pages didn’t, for whatever reason. Let’s keep it real here.

  26. M.

    I received a threatening anonymous call from a Gingrich goon because I protested his speech at hypocritical Catholic U.

  27. tom

    In response to Chuck, you’re partly right. Power doesn’t necessarilly corrupt. I prefer the rewrite of the adage proffered by Frank Hebert, author of the Dune series. Power attracts the corruptable. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptable.

  28. Perhaps the worst part is that the whole scandal over Foley has effectively distracted most people from the facts that we are still fighting a losing battled in Iraq, North Korea just went nuclear, and the middle class is going down faster than, well, Newt Gingrich’s campaign staffers.