Legislators Must Act Soon!

It should be obvious by now that we need to eliminate or at the least aggressively reduce property taxes as they are.

However, I am against the property tax petition at www.texastaxpayers.com because increasing the sales tax is just applying another regressive form of taxation that hurts those who can least afford it.

Instead, a more fair and more evenly distributed SYSTEM OF SEVERAL TAX SOURCES are needed that will replace the burden of property taxation on any ONE segment of the population — otherwise, we simply are shifting around the burden to another population group that also is overburdened.

By the way, we also need to reduce the new business tax to a more sensible level and redistribute that burden as well.

So far, our officials are a big disappointment in determining a more fair distribution of taxes, which basically is used to finance public education.

Honestly, it is NOT such a big deal to determine a few sources for financing public education and our lawmakers have been slacking-off for the past decade in reviewing such a fix.

Time to deal with it more swiftly. Let your Senators and House Reps know how you feel about it.


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