Patton Said It, but Bush is the epitome of audacity.

Bush actually had the temerity to criticize China about freedoms and political prisoners. I find that almost beyond belief were it not for the fact that Bush seems to either be drunk, on drugs, or living in some make-believe world of his “decider” imagination.

When the Constitution is no longer ignored and violated, when the Bill of Rights is restored to what it is supposed to be, and when we either release or bring to trial all those political prisoners that the USA is holding in Cuba and in secret prisons around the world, THEN Bush can criticize. Until that time, well, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t stow thrones–and I’ll tell you the joke that goes with that punch line when I calm down.

How rude he is. How lacking in either couth or diplomacy. How hurtful of the image of America and how ignorant — and how in the world can such a slob be elected President. Perhaps some of those who are unhappy with such a President will get off their asses and vote. Then at least, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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