“What in blazes” you may ask “is the matter with our legislators?”

After writing commentaries, blogs and letters for the past 10 years on urgent issues nationally and statewide, I believe that “doing their homework” is only a part of the problem with legislators.

I believe even more there’s a need for what I call “start pooping or get-off the potty” reality.

If legislators instead were in the business world and attempted to act on issues in the same manner, they soon would be kicked out by Board Members and stockholders.

If they don’t want to do the job for the majority of people then they should step-down, or be fired, and let someone else take a crack at it.

I have a background in business, government and education and I have NEVER seen such lackluster productivity as there generally is in government.

If they can’t “put-out the fires” with their collective legislative hoses, then they need to get the axe !

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