The subject of my musing for quite sometime now is; Where will George Bush spend his holidays after Jan. 2009? Well he have his Texas Ranch all to himself, he may decide to hide away there till nature calls. Or he may risk many placards and tomato buffeties if he tries any of the resorts in the US, after all he still have 102 secret service men to cater for his security. What about going abroad? He is always welcomed in Saudi Arabia, that is; if the royals would afford enough money for his unofficial security. Or he may visit India, they will still continue to appreciate his nuclear endorsement. He may also visit Italy, if Berlusconi wouldn’t live up to his reputation as a man of the times. Or he may visit Australia, if he have enough guts to scoff at a citizens’ arrest. What about the UK, France and Germany? Oh! they would love him to visit, it is just that his presence would generate an unneccessary political backlash. One the leaders of these nations can ill-afford. Scandinavia is a cool place, at least the media there wouldn’t even recognise him. Israel is just another natural place. What of Africa, he can visit. Africans and there leaders have the highest rate of diplomatic tolerance in the world. They could even rent crowds for him. But he better watch his back.

The reality is that George Bush, after burning his bridges has realised suddenly that there’s life after death. And now he is desperately trying to open windows of ventilation to cater for his retirement. Such trip as the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympic games is just one of such moves. Maybe the Chinese will remember.

But what in the world put a man who had it all going for him to such extreme inconvenience? Whereas many will adduce many reasons, I can only point out that the George Bush presidency is a lesson in progress. A lesson that will outlive his stay in the Whitehouse. This lesson may as well be his greatest legacy.

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