Obama has been called an Elitist because he went to Harvard….

I don’t get this.

Obama was raised by a single mom. He worked and studied hard to get to Columbia University. He went to law school at Harvard because of his hard work and grades in college.

GW Bush went to Yale. He got in a lot because of his Daddy because he was a poor student.

So why is Obama an elitist and not George? Because the truth is that GW Bush is the REAL ELITIST! He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. The man has no clue about how to handle money which has shown in how he has managed businesses and politics.

Are we telling our children that they should not work hard or they will be penalized?

GW Bush had 6 years experience as Governor. Obama had 7 years experience as a state legislator and 3 years in the Senate. So how does GW have more experience? Experience obviously wasn’t an issue in 2000.

Obama speaks well. He is smart and obviously knows his geography. GW Bush and McSame constantly misspeak on Geography as well as world leaders names.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a POTUS that we could actually be proud of as our representative around the world instead of a joke?

GW Bush and McSame are champions of questionable, off color jokes. With all the smears out there about Obama, there has yet to be anything about inappropriate language.

So where does McCain of all people get off calling Obama a racist? My mother taught me “it takes one to know one”, so perhaps this is a clue to John McCain’s personality.

Bush AND John McSame both shut out the press unless it’s FOX news or some other same thinking pundit. They BOTH don’t allow people into their public meetings if they are wearing anything negative about them.

Obama taught Constitutional Law. He has not one single example of this type of behavior.

I could go on and on. I just don’t understand….are people so stupid, so uninformed, or so biased that they can’t see the forest for the trees?

And I want to know how can we break this hideous double standard?


The truth is that it’s us against them!

Us = the citizens of the United States
Them = the rich fat cats in bed with the lie, cheat and steal Republican hypocrites.

The bottom line is that if McSame gets power and takes over our government…there will be two classes left…THE RICH and the REST OF US!

McSame has said REPEATEDLY that if he is elected he will work to make Bush tax cuts for the RICHEST AMERICANS PERMANENT! And then he will work to cut corporate taxes!
Obama on the other hand has promised to revoke those tax cuts for the richest Americans and give tax relief to the middle class who really needs it.

People that say that there is no difference are wrong! There are many differences.

But the biggest difference is very simple…

if we are to take back our country, we CANNOT continue to excuse and enable those who currently are in power and selling off our country’s assets one piece at a time.

McSame would continue the policies of GW Bush and continue the erosion of our country and our civil rights. The same cannot be said for Senator Obama.

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