Rove is a symptom of long-time corruption and manipulation in Washington DC.

He’s a symbol of what’s bad in our administration and within our Congress. Both parties are guilty of special interest catering.

A House panel Wednesday voted to cite former top White House aide Karl Rove for contempt of Congress as its Senate counterpart explored punishment for alleged Bush administration misdeeds.

Voting 20-14 along party lines, the House Judiciary Committee said that Rove had broken the law by failing to appear at a July 10 hearing on allegations of White House influence over the Justice Department, including whether Rove encouraged prosecutions against Democrats such as former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.

The committee decision is only a recommendation, and a spokesman for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she would not decide until September whether to bring it to a final vote.

While the symbolic “gesture” of the panel was a Democratic push, our Congress needs to “clean-up its act” and hold more officials accountable of both parties.

Congress has failed Americans and it needs somehow to modify its lack of appropriate decision-making and refraining from providing ongoing profits and perks to special interests.

It’s time to move quickly to offer relief to struggling Americans under the crushing weight of economic hardships and general miscalculations regarding many issues, including that of our “free” trade agreements.

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