Time for Bush to pay for his crimes?

Across Capitol Hill, Democratic-led committees are considering punishments for past and present Bush administration officials for a range of alleged misdeeds, from discriminating against liberals at the Justice Department to blowing off subpoenas and lying to Congress.

The proceedings on Wednesday are the latest congressional review of the White House, a constitutionally mandated power that majority Democrats relish. But three months out from Election Day, a lame-duck Congress conducting oversight of a lame-duck White House produces mostly talk. There’s little time and less willingness to spend the remaining five weeks of the congressional session doing more than holding televised hearings to try to convince voters that President Bush has abused the powers of his office.

The allegations certainly are serious.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday was to hear from Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, who reported this week that former department officials broke the law by letting Bush administration politics dictate the hiring of prosecutors, immigration judges and other career government lawyers. The probe springs from Justice’s firings of nine federal prosecutors that sparked congressional investigations last year and led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

House and Senate Democrats said the findings affirmed their contention that career Justice employees were hired and fired based on whether they were deemed sufficiently conservative, a violation of law. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers said he was considering bringing criminal charges against some of the former officials named in Fine’s report who may have lied to his committee. Lying to Congress is a crime, but there’s little agreement among Democrats on whether a perjury referral against some of the officials is warranted.

Everyone has questions. Sen. Arlen Specter, the committee’s ranking Republican, said in an interview that he was seeking more details from Fine.

"He says that federal law was violated as to a number of people. That’s a very serious charge," the Pennsylvania Republican said. "I would want to know the details on the facts which led the inspector general to these conclusions."

On the House side, meanwhile, a subcommittee of Conyers’ panel is considering citing former presidential adviser Karl Rove with contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena that compelled his attendance at a July 10 session. Democrats on the panel want to hear his testimony about the extent to which the politicization of the Justice Department was directed by the White House. Bush declared that information off limits under executive privilege.

If approved by the House subcommittee, the contempt citation against Rove would move to the full House. It was unclear whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi would allow a vote on it. Earlier this year, the House approved contempt citations against two Bush confidants — White House counsel Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers — who likewise refused to comply with their subpoenas. The House then filed suit against the two, which is still pending in federal court.

Regardless of the outcome, if the judge wades into the dispute, Bush will be out of office before it’s resolved.


  1. DejaVuAllOver

    The problem with Democrats is twofold: They are lousy liars and 2.) They don’t like fighting. It will take an almost unimaginable level of organization, similar to Gandhi’s Salt March, to fight the GOP filth machine with decency and truth. The Dems need to remember another lesson from Gandhi: “Wisdom without courage is worthless.” Fight on and don’t quit until Bush and Cheney receive their just deserts at the skinny end of a firing squad in Guantanamo.

  2. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Democrats I used to think I respected are 1000% Scheister-Meisters. Nancy ‘the care of our country is off the table’ Fancy Pants Pelosi is way up there, Hairy Reed is one of the worst Democrapic Scheiser-Meisters.

    Congressman John Conyers who I thought had testicular fortitude is a Spineless Jellyfish. Sir Obama of Camelot [NOT] sold the 4th Amendmant down the crapper tubes so as to not rock the boat for his presidential run (Oh! but it’s only a strategic retreat!).

    Every step of the way the Democrappers have aided and abetted the Chimp Administration. The Democrappers are complicit in this illegal occupation for Iraq and Halliburton and all the other scumbuckets are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Pillary Clinton, the PANTS SUIT MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE is interchangable with Sir Obama, it would’ve mattered not which one of them won the Democratic nomination for President.

    The Democrats have layed a Stinking Steamer on America all to preserve their chairs in the ‘Dome’ (upholstered with Rich Corinthian Leather).




  3. acf

    Go after them hammer and tong, to the full extent indictable under the law, and let’s not have any of the ‘save the country from a trial’ nonsense like we had with Nixon. Honest to God punishment is what’s called for to prove that, in the words of GW, himself, ‘words mean something, and actions have consequences’. It’s time for him to suffer them for once in his sorry life.

  4. Corey

    Bush has ruined America more than ALL other Presidents combined.

    We used to “poo poo” when people of other countries told us they thought we were spoiled brats….now all we can do it hide our faces in shame, realizing our government is a terrorist organization that lives by the mind-set of globalization gone wild in its imperialist ways where we kill innocent people, so we can rape their land of all natural resources.

    This is NOT for the people of America, the corporations will still raise their prices because their CEOs and their contacts they have in other countries need to be paid off.

    The American people will just be raped of the “taxes” they give to the US Government.

    The US Government IS the enemy of the American people, and the people of the world.

    Having 730 military bases in over 100 countries is NOT for our benefit, not We the People, but the US Government and all it’s friends who get tax right-offs, and pay less taxes than your average hard working American.

    As an American, born and bred, I am disgusted at the US Government.

    I want MY country back…..the one the Founding Fathers envisioned.

    They warned over and over about the action of power hungry politicians and corporations…it is time we, WE the PEOPLE stop trusting them and realize that the US Government does not care if We the People die, as long as we die for their pocket books.

    Corey Mondello
    Boston, Massachusetts

  5. ekaton

    Corey seems to kinda like got it figured out. Democrats, Republicans, Fascists … all pretty much the same.

    — Kent Shaw

  6. Direct Democracy

    Fuck Impeachment !!

    Strike until the federal government ratifies the International Criminal Court accord.

    Turn the Bush administration over to the Hague to be prosecuted for war crimes.



  7. VietnamVet

    That Bush and his clan have violated the law in numerous occasions is beyond dispute; he, and probably other, should have been in the impeachment docks long ago. Unfortunately, given the structure of Congress and the GOP bunch, impeachment will probably never happen. One thing is for certain: Bush will go down in history as the worst president this great nation has had to suffer through.

  8. Bluesman2007

    I’m almost ready to suggest a tax revolt. When the government starts doing IT’S job, I’ll resume doing mine by paying taxes. I’m fed up with taxation without representation. Anybody got tea? Let’s have a party!

  9. Sandra Price

    The Democrats don’t have the guts to even discuss the list of lies coming out of the Bush Administration. It would look like payback for Clinton. The crimes just keep piling up and yet the Republican voters will put another lying Empire-building fool into the White House.

    We may have to nip this corruption in the voters at a local level before we try to dump them out of the Executive, Legislative and Justice divisions of America. We are too late to demand an honest federal government.

    Not enough Americans are the least concerned about laws that are broken by all levels of our government. Too many Americans rely on the handouts and will allow even more corruption if they receive checks.

    It makes no difference if these checks are issued to individuals or to their churches. The day those checks bounce the people may wake up. For the last decade those checks are covered by our enemies and we are making China a very rich nation.

    The time has long passed when right was chosen over wrong. How many more generations of Americans will be told that their sins (wrong choices) will be forgiven by whatever God they worship? Is it not time to value good decisions and stop expecting to be forgiven over the corruption of our leaders? We put those bastards in office but we are too lazy to look for even a pinch of integity to replace them.

  10. pollchecker

    Regardless of the outcome, if the judge wades into the dispute, Bush will be out of office before it’s resolved.

    Does that mean we can sue or prosecute him after he is out of office?

  11. Pablo

    Naw. He’ll be in Paraguay,
    And as I understand, they don’t extradite, not even war criminals.

  12. barak

    Hey, that ain’t a question. It should be written as a statement with a dozen exclamation points after it.

    Those two traitors who run the Executive branch of our government should be tried for treason and murder. The whole force of the Justice Dept and the Judiciary should be brought to bear on them, They should be hounded until every person is accounted for and then the two criminals should be presented as new assholes in the general population.

    What the hell, we–the American People–have been getting it stuck up our arse since those crooks took over, it’s time for payback!!!!!

  13. anthny

    OLE Magic Bullet Specter talks a good game but never follows through on his threats to Bush.
    I belive that the country will never recover from the 8 year nightmare Bush’s crimnal regime.
    If all goes as planed we will have the decider as dictator before the fall elections.
    There will be another terrorist attack and Bush and his boys will be entrenched in some bunker under ground in Wyoming…………
    As we speak Greg Palast has come out and said the next election has been stolen already, before anyone even voted.
    The citizens at risk of losing there votes are the Veterens stationed in Iraq. The same crap happened in Ohio when the home addresses of our VETERANS could not be confirmed so when the forms were returned with no such person at this address they were removed from the voting lists.
    Our once great country was really only great for the rich, us poor people are just in the way of progress.
    If there were ever a time for the Republic to become a government by and for the people it is now.
    The plutoduracy rules and they will not go without a fight, Voting does nothing but frustrate the middle class person who thinks there is room for them in this wonderfully ruled government for the Corporations.
    Us poor and middle class will be removed

  14. Gloria Bryant

    Impeachment is and was too mild a punishment. Indictment for treason against our country and responsibility for the death of thousands of Americans, Iraqis as well as who knows how many other humans because of his actions. Dumbya, Cheney, Rove and their cronies should be treated as Republicrap Mafia and prosecuted as such for all their crimes just as Karadzic will be facing his fate now.

  15. JerZGirl

    The current generation of Democrats simply aren’t anatomically correct enough to do anything to back up their words. They are a sorry bunch and an embarrassment to all.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  16. shoretogo

    John K

    Remember the old saying that “it takes two to tango”? The two political parties are both corrupt and enable each other. The democrats could have stopped Bush. They talked but didn’t even try. Pelosi said from day one that impeachment was off the table. They should all be tried for treason. We need term limits so politicians don’t consider it “their seat”. We need to vote them all out and bring in a third party. Our country is broke and the parasites in Washington continue to give the world money – that we don’t have. Our great grand-children will be working for China to pay off our debt. How can we all be this stupid?

  17. ekaton

    People don’t get it. The plutocracy has no preference, Obama, McCain, either one is fine with them. The RNC and the DNC are wholly owned subsidiaries of the MIC. They are ALL in on the take, and any that aren’t are blackmailed.

    Please read “The World’s Foremost Terrorist – The US Government”, by Karl Schwarz. You will be apalled.


    Karl W. B. Schwarz resides in Alpharetta, GA. He is 55, divorced and has one son. He has not voted for a Democrat since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 and has been a Conservative Republican for the past 24 years at both the Arkansas and RNC National level. He attended the University of Arkansas School of Architecture and before he ever received his professional license was the principal owner of DCM Corporation, an architectural, engineering and construction design build firm he founded and built through acquisitions in the early 1980s. He is an architect by training with extensive experience in investment banking, workouts, and advanced technology. He is the Chairman CEO of COMMAXXESS, Inc. and I-nets Security Systems, Inc, and President CEO of a major nanotechnologies company currently planning the installation of major production facilities in Europe, Canada and United States. He is also founder/CEO of multiple high technology companies involved in biomedicine, nanotechnology, photonics, hydrogen fuel cells, anti-terrorism, UAV, carbon and boron nano-composites made possible by carbon nanotube breakthroughs, hyperspectral systems and video search Knowledge Management software. He is a devout Christian and during the mid to late 1980s, authored a prison ministry. During that time, his keen insights and ability to write developed in delivering a theological message to hardened criminals. He enjoys great restaurants, travel, golf, hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor cooking and spending time with friends and family.

    — Kent Shaw